Sunday, May 22, 2011

One Mark's Update

It's been a while since i posted "One Mark's Opinion" or anything on here, so i wanted to give a short update on what im thinking about doing.

For this site i want unique content that no other site is covering that people would want to see. Much akin to the "Angry Videogame Nerd" i have decided to review Monday Night Raw from now on...

Oh and did i mention i'm gonna start in 1993?
Let's see those cocksuckers at the chairshot reality try that hahaha

But seriously, it's something i always wanted to do, running down every episode and main event and bad gimmick etc. Maybe do an end of the year awards for best match and what not (Once again in one Mark's Opinion)

But in the meantime check out Project Zero Wrestling television over at
Until then, I'm Amir Sodallah and this has been One Mark's Update

~Todd Graham
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