Saturday, April 30, 2011

LIVE UFC 129 Play by Play coverage tonight @

I will be providing LIVE UFC 129 coverage tonight at 9:00 PM Eartern Time at

UFC World Welterweight Title
Georges St. Pierre vs. Jake Shields

UFC World Featherweight title
Jose Aldo vs. Mark Hominick

Did Warner Bros forget about Green Lantern?

by Atlee Greene

With the news regarding the Dark Knight Rises cast, and Zack Synder's Man of Steel, I'm starting to think that Warner Bros forgot their Green Lantern movie is hitting theaters this summer. The movie looks visually stunning. The 3-D experience will make it even better. The announcement of Ryan Reynolds as the Emerald Knight left me with mixed emotions. The first trailer left me feeling the same. The online reaction to the trailer seemed to echo my sentiments. Is it possible Warner Bros lost has faith in the franchise due to the reaction of the trailer? Advertising was plastered everywhere, months in advance for The Dark Knight and Superman Returns. Some would say GL is not getting much love due to his status on the B list of superheroes. Iron Man was not on the A list either. That did not stop Marvel from going all out with the promotion.

The two minute special preview gave me A LOT more faith in the movie and Reynolds portrayal of the character. Green Lantern is one of my favorite superheroes. I'm a hardcore Green Lantern fan with casual knowledge of his story. My Green Lantern is Hal Jordan. I will never be a Kyle Rayner fan. Besides what I have read in the comic book, I have little knowledge of Tomar-Re and Kilowog and I'm excited to learn more about them when I see the movie. I normally avoid midnight showings, but, I'm going to make an exception for Green Lantern which comes out on June 16 in 3-D and IMAX.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Northeast Championship Wrestling presents: AFTERMATH

-Ryan Andrews/Shane Daly has taken this from to promote NCW AFTERMATH

The final night of our Trilogy of April events for the 2011 Season commences tomorrow night, Saturday April 30th when Northeast Championship Wrestling presents the Aftermath of REUNION! A benefit for the Boys & Girls Club, NCW returns to the Boys & Girls Club of Brockton [233 Warren Avenue, Brockton MA] for a 7:30pm bell time, with doors opening at 7pm.
Tickets for this great event are only $10 at the door, with $5 for kids ten and under. As a special bonus, if you’re a member of the Boys & Girl Club you can receive a $2 discount off your ticket when you present your membership at the door. For more details on NCW please check us out on the web at

-Main Event for the NCW Heavyweight Championship-
(c) “The Portuguese Sensation” Ruy Batello
“Simply the Best” GA West
After successfully defending his NCW Championship at REUNION while battling a 103 degree fever and fluid in his lungs, “The Portuguese Sensation” Ruy Batello returns to Brockton on April 30th with another huge challenge on his hands when he defends his Heavyweight Title against “Simply the Best” GA West. The former Osirus has sat out the first two months of the 2011 Season, demanding he receive the Championship Match he was guaranteed when he returned to NCW last September. At Aftermath “Simply the Best” will finally get his chance at the gold, as Batello looks to hold back the challenge of not only West, but West’s associates in the Firm as well.

-Fans Choose the Challenger-
NCW New England Champion “The Showoff” Mike Paiva defends his NCW New England Title
The self proclaimed hometown “hero” returns to the Boys & Girls Club April 30th to defend his New England Championship in the most unique of circumstances when the fans in attendance get the opportunity to choose the challenger for Paiva’s New England Title at Aftermath. The last time “The Showoff” was in Brockton he found yet another way to keep his New England Championship around his waist (on a technicality no less) when he had his loss to “Dynamite” Doug Summers reversed due to the referee not being recognized as an NCW Official.
With that in mind NCW Commissioner Dean “The Beast” Livsley has promised to throw Paiva off his game come Aftermath by putting him in the ring with an unknown opponent, forcing Paiva to wrestle a fair match one on one.

-Best of 7 Series: Match #3-
"Dynamite” Doug Summers
Buddy Romano
After splitting one match between one another at NCW’s March Madness (March 11th in Riverside) and REUNION (April 9th in Dedham), Buddy Romano was desperate to get the former Heavyweight Champion back in the ring for another match. Doug, feeling he had nothing to prove, was hesitant to accept. Romano then attempted to sweeten the pot by challenging Summers to a Best of 7 Series, with the winner getting $2000 from Buddy’s tax return that he had recently filed. Never to turn away a good deal, Doug accepted the challenge and with the Series split 1-1 the 3rd match is now set to take place April 30th at NCW Aftermath!

-No Disqualifications-
Jack Krueger
Cam Denile
NCW’s 14 year REUNION saw the final chapter of the Schillar Park Posse play out before the Dedham crowd, when Jack Krueger’s futile attempts to get into Zero Tolerance saw the maniac turn on his own partner Dale Denile in an effort to impress JC Marxxx. Following Cam Denile’s NCW Heavyweight Title Match against Ruy Batello, Krueger returned to scene of the crime to try and finish off fellow Posse member Cam Denile as well, ending the Schillar Park Posse once and for all. Cam was saved by the ‘lost’ Denile brother Ryan before Krueger could finish the job, but the message was delivered regardless.
At Aftermath these two former friends and partners will go at it in a No Disqualifications Match, opening the door for a violent confrontation in Brockton, and the potential for some Schillar Park brutality.

“The Antisocial Anarchist” Tim Kilgore w/ MTE
DUI’s Anthony Stone
After the events at the 2nd annual Fight in Foxboro, it seemed “The Antisocial Anarchist” Tim Kilgore was on a one way trip to the hospital thanks to his interactions with “The Knight Angel” BerZerker. Hours before NCW REUNION “The Knight Angel” received a mysterious letter stating that Tim Kilgore was not behind the disappearance of Cenobite, and that the truth was far worse. The BerZerker left town that morning to search out more answers, seemingly getting Kilgore off the hook.
Not one to sit idly by, Kilgore made another enemy AT REUNION, when he assisted his brother Michael Tootsie Esquire in winning the REUNION Rumble when he planted DUI’s Anthony Stone with a vicious DDT, allowing MTE to eliminate Stone and win a guaranteed Championship Match. This Saturday night Stone goes to get some payback on Kilgore, who’s finally been cleared to wrestle since his “internal” injuries back in February.

-Six Man Tag Team Match-
NCW Tag Team Champions Generation SLAM ["The Average Guy" Timothy Pittman & "Dynamic" Jon Thornhill]
& “Impact” William Thorne
The Granite State Wrecking Crew ["The Unequaled One" Todd Sople & Gunar Rowe]
& El Loco Mexicano
On May 28th when NCW returns to the West Warwick Elks Lodge the #1 Contenders to the NCW Tag Team Championship Destruction Under Impact will cash in on their Tag Team Title opportunity when they face off with Generation SLAM. On April 30th one half of DUI, “Impact” William Thorne will put his professional rivalry aside to team up with his opponents Jon Thornhill and Tim Pittman to take on The Granite State Wrecking Crew, featuring two of NCW’s biggest powerhouses “The Unequaled One” Todd Sople and “The Granite State Destroyer” Gunar Rowe.

David Marxxx-Loomis w/ JC Marxxx
“The Juice” JT Dunn w/ Luscious Latasha
The Monday morning following NCW’s 14 year REUNION, results came back from David Loomis’ MRI about his potential need for intensive surgery on his dislocated shoulder. Good news quickly spread that Loomis would not need the surgery, and that the adopted son of JC Marxxx would be cleared to wrestle for Aftermath (his last match was back on February 26th in West Warwick, RI). Before David looks to get revenge on his little brother Eddie Loomis, the two time former Heavyweight Champion looks to get back into fighting shape by challenging “The Juice” JT Dunn, who will have the lovely Latasha at ringside with him. Dunn has been making waves all over New England the last few months, and a victory over someone the caliber of Loomis could shoot Dunn right to the top in NCW as well.

PLUS Richard Pacifico, NCW 2010 Rookie of the Year Eddie Loomis, Scotty “By GOD” Vegas, MTE, Project: Lethal [Rob the Giant & Kevin Cordeiro], Triplelicious, The Minutemen, & More!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

One Mark's Opinion: The 2011 Draft Picks

Prince Devitt vs. Kota Ibushi

In Hulk Hogan we Trust !?

by Atlee Greene

I talk to a lot of casual wrestling fans. They watch TNA and get excited when they see the Hulkster on their screen. Once they listen and realize he is a heel who is trying to run the company for his personal gain, they change the channel. Hulk Hogan as a heel is not entertaining television in 2011. The NWO days of 1996 are long gone. Hulk Hogan is way into the twilight of his career. At 57 years old, he can barely move and wears a back brace. If you saw him on American Idol, he could barley throw a punch. The majority of TNA's fans are "smart" fans. They know all of this and will have zero faith in a Hogan vs. Sting program, which seems to the direction they are going in.

People do not want to see Hulk Hogan as a bad guy. He should be used as a special attraction, not the main attraction. TNA is known as “that other wrestling thing” to the general public. This needs to change in order for them to be viable. Dixie Carter should have Hulk Hogan appear on every talk show she can think of in order to spread the word about TNA. Hulk Hogan can command an audience like no other. People who don't watch wrestling know who he is and you can't get a better spokesman than that. Spike TV also needs to step up their promotional efforts if they want the company to produce higher numbers.  Hogan can make more money for himself and TNA in the long run if he is on the road promoting the brand while only appearing on Impact for special occasions. Then, when the time is right, Hogan should work a program with someone who can not only provide an interesting story, but with someone he has never worked with before, someone who he can help become a superstar.

Then again, Hulk Hogan has a lot of creative control in his contract. Perhaps making TNA more popular is not his primary objective. Maybe, his only concern is to make sure Hulkamania lives forever. The man put wrestling on the map and no one has made more money for the business than him. It's a funny coincidence that my first article for Midnight Logic is about Hulk Hogan since he was the reason why I started watching wrestling. As the years went on, guys like Bret Hart and The Undertaker occupied the top of my list. Throughout the years, Hogan always remained a special favorite of mine. Which scenario sounds more entertaining: Hogan's current angle in TNA, or Hulk Hogan doing everything in his power to make TNA a major player in the industry? Along the way, some punk will try to make a name for himself and attempt to take out the Immortal one as Hulk makes one last run in an attempt to slay the dragon which people might pay to see? Give me the second option. Give me change.