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Indy Focus: Michael Woods – Promoter of Inter Species Wrestling

Indy Focus: Michael Woods – Promoter of Inter Species Wrestling

By Atlee Greene

-Name of Promotion: Inter Species Wrestling
-Years of operation: 2005 – Current
-Shows per year: 2-3. “Shows happen when we have enough spare cash to justify running questionable wrestling shows”
-Area of operation: Montreal, Quebec and Danbury, Connecticut.
-Age 29

Q: When and how did you become a wrestling fan?

MW: I’ve been a fan since I was about 5. Before that, I hated wrestling. It was on our television on Saturdays, at an hour that usually signaled the end of “cartoon day” as I called it as a kid. Which made me hate wrestling with a passion. One year, my uncle bought me the British Bulldogs tag team set (LJN figure style) for Christmas. Every Saturday after that, I’d watch my cartoons and then stay in front of the tube to see if my toys were going to be on tv fighting. That’s how I got hooked.

Q: Where did you grow up?

MW: Ottawa, Ontario – in Canada.

Q: Who were your favorite wrestlers growing up?

MW: The British Bulldogs, Bret and Owen Hart, Chris Benoit and of course – Hulk Hogan. The Bulldogs are still my favorite wrestlers today.

Q: Did you attend wrestling shows when you were a kid?

MW: I did. I went to two house shows as a kid, and many more as a teenager.

Q: What is your favorite wrestling match and show?

MW: My favorite wrestling match is more than one match. It’s the entire Dynamite Kid/Tiger mask series. As for my favorite show – well – I can’t really name just one. I’ve enjoyed many. Wrestlemania X8 was incredible, just because I was able to experience it live.

Q: When did you decide you wanted to run shows, and how did you get started?

MW: I started working for an independent promotion just outside of my hometown in 2002. I basically laid cable, hooked up equipment, and ran the video wall for live shows. While doing this, I got the chance to learn from the bookers at the time – Joel Racine and former WWWF tag team and International Heavyweight Champion Gino Brito. They talked, I listened. In 2004, I was invited to be part of their booking team for the biggest supercard in Quebec independent wrestling history – Wrestlefest. I got bit by the booking bug, and yeah, the rest is history….I guess.

Inter Species Wrestling started out as a joke. A funny conversation with a friend of mine – where we made up silly wrestling cards, and laughed at the ridiculousness of them. A guy wrestling a goat in a ladder match, and so on. Then we realized that people would probably pay to see this stuff and decided to give it a try.

Q: Take us back to the time and place of the very first show first show you ran?

MW: Butterflies like crazy. My business partner, at the time, was in a car accident on the way to the venue. I was left to run the show alone, and I was nervous as hell. Luckily, some of the guys helped out backstage and it ended up being a blast. It was a learning experience, for sure. Nothing but good memories of the show – even though it really can’t hold a candle to the shows we put on today.

Q: What can fans expect to see when they come to a Inter Species Wrestling show?

MW: Organized chaos and mayhem, mixed with a little comedy, wacky characters, and SURPRISE! Solid wrestling action. We pride ourselves on our unique blend of wrestling, ridiculousness, and crude humor. It’s like nothing else out there.

Q: What makes Inter Species Wrestling different from other independents?

MW: The fact that we’re in this for fun, and it’s evident. You see it when you’re watching one of our shows. The Inter Species Wrestling locker room is a politic-free zone. There’s no backstabbing or bullshit because we don’t take ourselves too seriously. From my own experiences, a lot of other promotions do. That’s what sets us apart. The experience, and the atmosphere is like a party. Both in the ring, and backstage. Save the drama for your mama. Oh, and Lego. Definitely Lego.

Q: Who are some of the notable names you have worked with?

MW: Colt Cabana, Kevin Steen, El Generico, Skayde, and Mike Quackenbush to name a few. We’ve worked with many people, as well as many promotions.

Q: Do you believe Kayfabe is dead?

MW: It’s only dead if you allow it to be. Today’s indy fan is either a respectable one, or a downright douchebag. There’s very little middle ground. And the douchebags ruin it for themselves – because they go into a show with the “kayfabe is dead” attitude – and ruin it for everyone around them as well. You know what I mean, right? The guys who yell out real names, and who is behind the masks, and all that? It’s lame. Very lame. I’ve been to towns in Quebec where the fans still believe, because they want to. They love the faces, and want to absolutely kill the heels. It’s magic, and I love it. It’s up to you, really. I don’t watch too much wrestling anymore.

Q: Any TV/Media appearances:

MW: We’ve been in a few newspapers – but our only tv appearance was on G4′s Electric Playground. They did a pretty sweet little segment on us. (Editor’s Note: See the segment here

Q: What are some of the matches that define what Inter Species Wrestling is all about?

MW: Izzie Deadyet and Zombified vs. Twiggy and El Generico from Hot Summer Rub-Down is the first match that comes to mind. Gimmicks and great wrestling all around. After that, it’d be any of the Giant Tiger vs. Beef Wellington matches. They really hammer the point home.

Q: There is a growing trend of promoters across the country who only promote their shows on the internet? Do think this is a wise move?

MW: I do and I don’t. Promoting online via social networking and forums works and can generate a ton of interest. There’s just no telling how many of them will actually come to the show, or if they’re even close to the area you’re promoting in. Handing a fan a flyer means that they’re obviously from around your area – because you’re not going to flyer out of state or anything. Makes it a little more likely that they’ll come. I don’t know. It’s good and bad. I’ve seen it work and I’ve seen it bomb miserably.

Q: Can you talk about how much time and effort goes into promoting a show?

MW: A whole lot. Unlike many promotions out there, our shows are fully booked before we even announce them to the public. Then it’s time to promote and we put alot into that. We have people postering and flyering other events. We record a weekly podcast, with news and interviews. And we do alot of online promotion – via press releases, video promo work, and guest spots on other podcasts. A good 2-3 months of promotion all around, per show. We keep busy.

Q: You are one of the few promoters who promote shows in different countries. (Canada and U.S.A.) What are the differences?

MW: Not meaning to offend – but the fans in Canada are much more rowdier than the fans in the USA. Completely different atmospheres at Canadian and American shows, for sure. Also, (there) seems to be quite a bit more political bullshit in the US. Aside from that, it’s the same.

Q: Take us through your schedule and what you go through three hours before show time?

MW: Well, basically we make sure we have everything we need to have done. Water backstage. Everyone’s theme music on the laptop. Videos ready for projection on the big screen. Then it’s just mic and equipment tests and whatnot – as the guys (and girl) work out in the ring. Make sure everyone’s merch is on the table. Talk things out with my partners to make sure we’re all on the same page, and there aren’t any concerns. I sit around, and try to get rid of the butterflies because I do still get them. 20-30 minutes before the doors open, I call everyone backstage for the rules of the night, and the pre-show meeting. Then I go upstairs, we open the door, and it’s showtime. I greet fans, because I’m friendly. I hit up the bathroom, because I’m on commentary all night and get no breaks. And I probably eat something in those 3 hours – because I’m fat.

Q: Who are some of the names on the independent scene that fans need to look out for?

MW: Frankie Arion is the guy who more people need to be watching AND booking. Same goes for guys like Dan Barry and Mathieu St. Jacques.

Q: What are your future plans?

MW: To keep having fun, and entertaining people for as long as we can. I want to turn the craziness up 10 notches, and see what happens. My dream, however, is to run a show at the old ECW Arena.

Q: When and where are your next couple of shows?

MW: Our next show – BURGER KING OF THE RING – will take place on July 23 at the Heirloom Arts Theatre in Danbury, Connecticut. Really excited for that one, as it’s our first ever tournament show. I’m a huge fan of tournaments. We’ll also be presenting the first EVER “Fans Bring the LEGO Deathmatch” to ever take place on American soil. An Inter Species Wrestling original. Really excited for all of it.

We’ll also be involved in the big “Fighting Back – Wrestling with Cancer” show on August 12 in Ottawa, Canada. A show in honor of my good friend, and a huge part of the Inter Species Wrestling family – Phrank Morin – also known as “Stinky the Homeless Guy.” We lost him to cancer on April 1, and this will be our night to pay tribute – with all proceeds going towards a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society in his name. Every Inter Species Wrestling show from here on out will take place in his memory.

If you’re in the area for either of these shows – come check ‘em out!

Q: Where can workers contact you if they are looking for work?

MW: We have a contact page on our website, ( with instructions on how to go about contacting us for work. We don’t like people getting at us on Twitter or Facebook. We’re very old school, if we want to know who you are, where you’ve been, who trained you – and where we can see some of your work. We’ve got to get a feel for your personality because if it doesn’t come across – it’d be hard for us to use you as part of our style of product.

- Here are some video links of matches from Inter Species Wrestling It’s a pay site.

- Social Media

Facebook –
Twitter – Inter Species Wrestling @ISDub or Michael Woods – @RotchyKong

If any Wrestlers, Refs, Mangers, Ring Announcers, and Promoters are interested in being interviewed please contact me at

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Green Lantern thoughts

I watched Green Lantern in 3D this weekend. I liked it, I didn't love it. It's not a bad movie at all. It was missing that movie magic that made you feel you think "WOW, that was a great adventure". I felt this way when I watched Iron Man and I'm not an Iron Man guy. There were a couple of plot holes that I have a hard time looking past. I was really concerned Ryan Reynolds would do a disservice to Hal Jordan and I was wrong. He was great but hindered by the script he was given to work with.

For any Green Lantern fans who didn't like the movie, I have one thing to say. WE SAW HAL JORDAN ON THE SILVER SCREEN. This is a moment GL fans have waited for. Not every superhero movie can be The Dark Knight. Don't let the reviews get you down. Most of the reviews I read were written by folks who were unfamiliar with Green Lantern's story.

Do you really want to help the Green Lantern franchise? Don't whine and complain. Instead, challenge Warner Bros. Dare them to be great. The movie cost $300 million dollars to make. There will not be a sequel if the movie falls below their expectations. Let them know this hero's character has an amazing story that people can sink their teeth into. Making some changes to improve future releases can be done if the people in power know it. Otherwise Green Lantern will get the Superman Returns treatment but, without the reboot.

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Monday Night Raw Review (06.20.2011)

It's monday night and it's time to fire up the DVR for yet ANOTHER jaded view at the world of Monday night Raw. or better yet, if you don't like my reviews, than i advise you to watch me make Snow Angels....

Now it's clear i am a CM Punk fan and in turn an ROH fan, i will back any ROH regular that gets signed...But i digress. CM punk comes out and does what nobody else is doing...writing his own script. Anyone that can go out there and do whatever they want as long as they get the right point across is doing the right thing in this business. It's just too bad Vince is gonna let him leave. If the "Sheets" are correct, Punk will bail when his contract ends...and if he doesnt get what he wants in negotiations than he will be completely justified. He is the best WWE wrestler without a push going today. And everyone has their favorites and will say stuff like that but lets be fair, the main has been Top champion multiple times, and honestly is a little too young to be relegated as the guy "Who makes guys" and thats it. Randy Orton got the role of making people in recent years but he is still on top. Punk is being diminished...The nexus fizzled out like a bad fart no matter what anyone says and its becoming a bad thing to be associated with. Our Modern day Jim Jones doesnt need the Nexus, unless it REALLY adds something, and it only adds a little in this marks opinion. My Hopeful prediction is simply, CM Punk gets the title off Cena, and the two fight over it to Summerslam...with Cena getting the belt back before Mania against the rock. Here's hoping

Midcard Notes:
- If you ever wanted to know how worthless the Divas title, this match proves it. Not the quality of the match, i mean the fact that a writer somewhere actually said "Whoever wins the vote is winning the title". Granted, the popular vote becomes the champion, but if you told moolah she was gonna drop the belt to a random person with no build, she'd put her cigar out on your ball bag. I thought Lawler wasn't allowed around children anymore.

- Kelly Kelly said it was her first Divas championship, One of the commentators said she had won it before. One of them is lying lol

- Ok, They say Sin Cara isn't over, but personally i think the result of this vote was that...Evan Bourne isn't over. The "people" chose Evan getting decimated by a big fucker from Whales over seeing a spot fest with Sin Cara.

- ha someone bitched at cole for saying Kelly had won the title before...Kelly 1, Cole Nothing

- Yikes, I know i dont like saying things about the in ring work but fucking shit is Mason Ryan Terrible.

- Kane vs Mark Henry in...Any Match Sucks

- I got Okie Doked by Little Jimmy

- 2 Out of 3 falls for the US Title, I love the idea, Dolph Ziggler is one of my All Stars...really decent match

- Im gonna say this right now, Im not the hugest fan of Zack Ryder, but if the WWE doesn't use this twitter/Text request show to have him as a choice...then they are really fucking with him.

Punk is RAW part 2
CM Punk just announced that his contract expires the day after the Money in the Bank PPV, and that he IS leaving. Now whether or not this is bullshit or not, CM Punk sold this PPV in ONE FUCKING LINE OF DIALOGUE. Any buys that PPV does over the normal ammount is thanks to CM Punk. Remember that. The internet has been a buzz about his contract expiring soon, and the WWE does what no other promotion can. Where some promotions cater to the 10 Percent, WWE turns the 10 Percent into 100 percent. 10 percent of the wrestling community knew about Punks Impending departure, and rather than setting this match up without mentioning he was leaving and letting the 10 percent simmer about whats gonna happen next, CM Punk announced he was leaving and made each and every WWE fan aware of what could possibly be a work and converted the audience. Take that Impact Wrestling

- always like seeing Daniel Bryan on Raw, and im a fan of Cody rhodes so i can only hope for the best...

- What the fuck is a No Countouts match...I mean i know what it is, but how did that match make people choose it?

- Ted Dibiase finally gets the role of a lifetime...Cody Rhodes' Girlfriend

- Dance Off...Piss Break

The Ryder Revolution??
Ok so apparently people are buying the t-shirts, and wanting to buy the headbands, and everyone seems to be riding the wave of "Zack Ryder's Revolution" created by his Internet Buzz. They snubbed him in Long Island...his work hometown and now, on a show that relys heavily on internet participation he is left completely off raw. Granted he will probably be on superstars..but 6 people watch superstars and that means Zero. Do i care about him...No, but do i think WWE could capitalize on it...Sure. They are either completley missing it, or they are letting it simmer like the Matt Hardy rehiring years ago. Who Knows, but if they let it burn too long it could burn out before they can make the most money. Either way, im not reviewing the 6 Man main event.

I'd also like to take a moment to mention Impact wrestling. Im not a huge fan of the show but i record it every week and fast forward through it. One thing i couldnt fast forward through however was Austin Aries having a 3 way match all by himself. He was in the ring with Kid kash and Jimmy Rave, but he would have done just as well against a Toaster and a Microwave. If thats what wrestling means to TNA than it could change TNA. If they miss the boat on a guy like Austin Aries and what he is capable of ... Fuck them. Eric Young gets minor points for beating up Wayne and challenging Chachi. Could be a fun watch is hoping.

and thats it for another week, I'm Todd Graham and this has been One Mark's Review

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No love for Green Lantern

I'm seeing the Green Lantern movie tonight and I haven't read a single good review. Still, I'm not going to let the reviews stop me from enjoying myself. I like to read reviews. I don't put much stock into them. We live in an age where people can't enjoy anything and suspend reality. Instead, we have to be objective and analyze every nook and cranny.

The movie is too predictable if its identical to the comic book and you ruined our hero forever if you dare deviate from the source material. You can't make everyone happy. There are even some people who didn't like Avatar. I'm one of them. In the end, you like what you like. Enjoy yourself.

Atlee Greene

Super 8

 The wife and I saw Super 8 last weekend while enjoying the IMAX experience. I like it a lot. The film grabed my attention from the start as I was captivated from begining to end. The story and it's characters were carefully crafted which made everything fit together. Super 8 has a little bit of everything, providing suspense, horror and a little romance. It has a great cast and everyone played their part to the letter.

The story follows six middle schoolers who film zombie movies with a Super 8 camera. One night, the kids film a pivital scene, using their local train station as a back drop. The train crashes and unleashed a monster that reeks havoc on the town. The movie kind of had an E.T. feel to it. This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time and I know we are going to see the six kids in many a movie.

NCW Payback RESULTS 6/17/2011

Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to the Jacob Jones VFW Post in Dedham MA on June 17th for the Payback.

Venue: Jacob Jones VFW Post
Ring Announcer: Shane Daly
Referees: Red Roche, Dan Tanaka, Matt Calamare, & Chris Dinapoli
Commentary: CJ Higgins & Maniacal Mark

1. Singles Match
"The Anti-social Anarchist" Tim Kilgore (198 lbs, Salem MA) vs. Taka Sazuke (199 lbs, Tokyo Japan)
Tim Kilgore put a damper on Taka's NCW debut by pinning him following a cobra clutch into a Russian leg sweep.

2. Singles Match
"The Devil's Reject" Brandon Webb (222 lbs, Salem MA) vs. "The Knight Angel" BerZerker (190 lbs, City of Bloodhaven)
The referee threw the match out and declared it a no contest when BerZerker went crazy during the match, nearly decapitating The Devil's Reject. Just before BerZerker was about to commit this horrifying act, Amanda the camera girl threw a note in to the ring that had a name on it, supposedly the name of the person that caused Cenobite's disappearance earlier in the season.

After the match, NCW New England Champion, "The Showoff" Mike Paiva, made his way to the ring and proceeded to call out NCW Heavyweight Champion, Ruy Batello. Batello came out and wanted the match right then and there. Paiva managed to escape "the Portuguese Sensation" but the match later in the night was made into a No Disqualifications Match.

3. Singles Match
Jack Krueger (196 lbs, Schillar Park CT) vs. "Cam Denile" (227 lbs, Schillar Park CT)
Before the match started, Krueger announced that Cam was not in the building because a phone call had been made telling him that his kids were in the hospital (but this was just a ruse by the vile Krueger). Cam's music played and out came... well, it was supposed to be Cam Denile, but it was really "Chaotic" Chris James of the Enterprise, dressed as Cam. Jack Krueger proceeded to beat the tar out of his unscheduled opponent and finally finished him off with a double-arm DDT.

When the beatdown continued, 2010 Rookie of the Year, Eddie Loomis made his way to the ring to save Chris from further harm. Eddie then challenged Jack to a match which Jack accepted.

4. Singles Match
Jack Krueger (196 lbs, Schillar Park CT) vs. Eddie Loomis (150 lbs, Plainfield CT)
Eddie's amateur wrestling skills were enough to help him score the victory over the maniacal Jack Krueger.

After a brief intermisson, the 2010 Season Cup was defended for the first time.

5. 2010 Season Cup Defense
Michael Tootsie Esquire (MTE) (175 lbs, Seekonk MA) vs. (c) Steve "the Turtle" Weiner (230 lbs, The Dockside of Providence RI)
Just as the Turtle was looking to put away MTE with his Kingdom Hearts Spinebuster, Big Adam interfered, leveling the shell-wearing hero and drew the disqualification for MTE.

Big Adam and MTE continued to attack Weiner until NCW Commissioner, Dean "the Beast" Livsley, came to his aid. Livsley declared that the match would now be a triple threat match for the Season Cup.

6. Triple Threat Match for the 2010 Season Cup
Michael Tootsie Esquire (MTE) (175 lbs, Seekonk MA) vs. (c) Steve "the Turtle" Weiner (230 lbs, The Dockside of Providence RI) vs. Big Adam (340 lbs, Boston MA)
Following a disagreement over who would pin the Cup holder, Weiner got the upperhand on his two opponents, eventually pinning MTE to retain the Season Cup.

After the Season Cup was defended, BerZerker made his way out to the ring and demanded that Amanda the camera girl tell him why she gave him the paper with the name on it. Richard Pacifico and an accomplice came out of the crowd and attack the Knight Angel. Pacifico revealed himself to be the man who attacked Cenobite. As the two were beating on the masked man, Cenobite emerged from the back to aid his Heaven's Fury partner. The two cleared the ring of Pacifico and his partner in crime and then celebrated Cenobite's return with the camera girl.

7. Singles Match
"Simply the Best" GA West (88 kg, Manhattan NY) w/ the Firm vs. "The Juice" JT Dunn (180 lbs, Detroit MI w/ Amber
The Juice scored a huge win when he pinned GA West after a hurricanrana

8. 5th Match in a Best of 7 Series
Buddy Romano (185 lbs, Warwick RI) - 2 Wins vs. "Dynamite" Doug Summers (201 lbs, Panic PA) - 2 Wins
Coming in to this match, both men were tied at two victories a piece in their best of 7 series. Buddy Romano did a number on his opponent's leg before finally making Doug tap out to a modified single leg crab. Buddy Romano now leads the Best of 7 Series with 3 victories, and is just one win away from holding on to his $2000.00 tax refund check.

Before the next match, one half of the NCW Tag Team Champions, "Impact" William Thorne, made his way to the ring and announced that he and his partner would not be defending the Tag Team titles as originally planned. Due to a family emergency, "RIOT" Kellan Thomas was unable to make it to Dedham for their first scheduled title defense. The Granite State Wrecking Crew emerged from the back and demanded their match. When Thorne explained why the match couldn't happen, the two men decided that they were going to attack the Tag Team Champion. Just as things were about to get underway, Thorne was given some assistance by an unlikely ally, one half of Project: Lethal.

9. Tag Team Match
The Granite State Wrecking Crew ["The Granite State Destroyer" Gunar Rowe & "The Unequaled One" Todd Sople] vs. NCW Tag Team Champion "Impact" William Thorne & Kevin Cordeiro
Gunar Rowe pinned Kevin Cordeiro to score the win for the Granite State Wrecking Crew.

10. Non-title Champion vs. Champion No Disqualifications Match
NCW New England Champion "The Showoff" Mike Paiva (165 lbs, "The City of Champions" Brockton MA) vs. NCW Heavyweight Champion "The Portuguese Sensation" Ruy Batello (320 lbs, Lisbon Portugal)
Ruy Batello beat his perrenial nemesis to claim bragging rights as NCW's greatest champion.

NCW returns to Massachusetts on July 22nd in Foxboro at the Knights of Columbus.

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Monday Night Raw Review (06.13.2011)

It's Monday Night, and My DVR is fired up, let's take a jaded view at a new episode of Monday Night Raw.

The Reason
I was asked recently why, on PZW TV (, i love doing the long speeches and the long in ring promos, Stone Cold Steve Austin came out and gave me my best argument. Last week i said Stone Cold's decision making sucks, or at least the writers would have you believe, based on taking his balls away in his special guest referee roles. But Austin came out and Did 20 minutes setting up the show and just being Austin. they played a little with the Idea of Miz vs Austin, but dont get your hopes up. they gave del rio some time in the ring with Austin which is decent...then they ruin any momentum he could have had by putting him in the ring with Kane. Dont get me wrong, Kane is ok, im just not a fan. but at the conclusion they managed to make Big show look compelling by having him smash rodriguez to bits, until Kane had to choke Big Show to get him off. the big show is a Monster, book him like one.

Midcard Thoughts
- Putting Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan together as a team is a good idea, as long as they plan on having Cara work with Bryan to learn the American style. (Atlee Greene)
- Ted Dibiase Jr. is Still boring and it will not change, it's too late, he has entered "Permanent Jobber Status"
- I read that the Spring Cleaning has begun by firing a few developmental guys...the least of which that surprises me is Michael tarver, of all the original NXT guys, that guy had nothing to offer.

John cena is always booked like superman, always wins, always survives, lives to fight another day, unstoppable...right? R-Truth just no sold the Mother Fucking T Shirt Cannon....AT POINT BLANK RANGE. R-Truth is officially ready for Cena. It would be no surprise to me if this conversation actually came up in a production meeting. "How do we make him look like he can beat cena?" ... "Have him take a shot in the stones with the Tshirt cannon and have him beat up a midget"...Yeah that's the ticket. And then they announce John Morrison is going to fight R-Truth...WAAAAAAAAY the fuck ahead of his healing schedule. Unless that match is "Headlock, Bodyslam, Pin" than im gonna be very disapointed with the WWE for potentially hurting a future main eventer by breaking him too many times for shows that don't mean a fucking thing....but in retrospect, no WWE show means anything anymore..

More Midcard Thoughts
- Almost believed for a second Santino had a prayer, till reality set in. Also, Looks like Malenko taught Lobster head a new move.
- The VIPER RETURNS TO RAW...He's been gone for a cup of coffee...And Smackdown and Raw are both WWE 12'....see what i did there?
- haha Hugh Jackman needs a new mic, well at least he knows he hasnt been gone long from raw
- FINALLY someone who said the same thing i have been thinking forever...Edge>Christian
- Is it Just me or is Randy Orton the guy who says things that can be considered a little close to the vein? Eddie, Edge (not so much but still), just makes me wonder if Randy were around in 99, would he be making Owen Hart can't fly jokes?
- Dolph Ziggler is one of my picks for future main eventer, and losing Vicky is a good idea. Vicky is a good heat magnet, but he needs to prove he can do it on his own. this segment was a "one Line of dialogue will fix this" feel to it.
- In an update to my earlier post....Little jimmy got johnny....Glad they didnt fuck around with Morrison.
- Evan Bourne...See Ted Dibiase
- Piper's Pit...Not one of the best...but not bad either. Riley is a future star, he is over, let's see how long he can ride this wave.
- Did i just see a 48 Divas tag match come and go without a tag?

Now ever since this All Star game came out, there has been a war of words, granted all bullshit, but there have been words between captain straight edge and the drunk wifebeater Steve Austin. Punk even speculated that with both of them on the show WWE could "fuck up" by not putting the two together. Then they were face to face, and immediately Punk shoots on the fact that , Sure Andy won tough enough, but half the people in tough enough were signed to Developmental anyway. nice touch. the back and forth was spot on, if Austin wanted another match, he could make the marks happy with a match with punk...If Austin ever gets into the ring again it will be with Cena, but its nice to think about it.

Final Thoughts
That Mother Fucker Missed the Laptop bahahahahahahahaha

Oh, by the way...Did anyone catch this week's vlog show on Wrestlezone? Yeah...Me Neither

Todd Graham

Live coverage of WWE All Star Night on

Hello and welcome to live coverage of WWE All Star Night in just a few moments. Remember, Stone Cold Steve Austin will be the guest host this evening.

The usual fireworks show to begin the show with a wide shot of the audience. The main event for tonight is John Cena vs. C.M. Punk.

The Miz makes his way to the ring while they show the finish to last week’s main event on the titan tron. Miz says he is the ultimate WWE All Star since its All Star night and Raw is the flag ship show. Says he will expose Alex Riley more than a tweet from Anthony Weiner at Capitol Punishment. Miz says he is sick of seeing stars from the attitude era every where he looks and says they are jealous of him. The glass breaks and Steve Austin comes makes his way to the ring.  Austin says he is sick of hearing the Miz run his mouth. Miz tries to cut him off and Austin replies "You are not going to tell me nothing".  He says he is here to run the show and he will stun Miz in front of everyone. The crowd starts a loud Austin chant. Austin says he Alex Riley showed him something and might be a bigger superstar than the Miz someday.

Miz tries to cut in but Austin tells him to shut up. Austin grabs Miz by the tie and says he and Riley needs a counseling session and they will both be guests on Piper's Pit. Austin lets go of Miz and tells him to leave the ring. Miz slowly leaves the ring acting as if he might attack Austin. Austin tells him to think twice and Miz leave with Austin telling him it's the best decision he has ever made.

Austin starts to pump up the crowd and Alberto Del Rio interrupts.  Del Rio says he heard the rumor that Austin wants to see him. Says he can't blame him because he wants to see greatness. Talks about his destiny and Austin cuts him off by saying he sees an ass whipping in his destiny. Mentions Del Rio hitting the Big Show with his car and tells him he will be in the first match of the night which is right now. The flames burst and KANE makes his way to the ring.

We come back from the break and Kane throws Del Rio in the corner and works him over. Del Rio takes control and works on Kane's arm. Covers him but, not even a one count. Del Rio has Kane in a top wrist lock but Kane powers Del Rio over the top to. Del Rio runs in the ring and is met with a big boot. Kane hits a sidewalk slam for a two. Kane goes to pick him up and Del Rio hits him in the mouth and hits the cross arm breaker. Kane gets to the rope but Del Rio won't break the hold. Ref counts to five and match is over. Del Rio still won let go and the Big Show's music hit and Show sprints to the ring. Ricardo Rodriguez Gets in the way as Del Rio leave the ring side area. Show knocks him out with his wrapped up hand and keeps pounding him until Kane applies a rear naked choke to Show telling him to stop or he will kill him. Show listens. Austin comes out and says Del Rio needs to make it to Washington D.C. because he is going to wrestle the Big Show at the PPV this Sunday and that's the bottle line because stone cold said so.
Winner Kane via DQ.
They announce Randy Orton returns to Raw tonight!
They are showing all the still graphics of the wrestlers via the WWE All Star video game.
We get back form the break and Ricardo Rodriguez was taken out on a stretcher.

Cody Rhodes is on the outside of the ring as fans behind him put bags on their heads. Sin Cara makes his way to the ring.  Six man Tag Match Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan and Ezekiel Jackson vs. Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and Wade Barrett. Ted works over Daniel Bryan early as they keep him in their corner. Barrett is tagged and hits a pump handle slam for a two count. Barrett hits a cheap shot on Sin Cara. Picks up Bryan but, rolls out to tag in Jackson. Jackson hits power moves and clotheslines on Barrett and his team. Picks up Barrett for the Torture Rack but Rhodes breaks it up, but, is thrown outside for his troubles. Jackson warrior presses Daniel Bryan and throws him outside on top of Rhodes and DeBiase. Jackson circles Barrett and Sin Cara is begging for the tag. Jackson tags Sin Cara and lands a spring board cross body on Barrett for the pin. They had Sin Cara's special lighting for the match.
Winner Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan and Ezekiel Jackson.
They show a graphic of Piper, Miz and Riley for Piper's Pit for later in the show.

We come back and Hornswoggle is shooting Free T-Shirts out to the audience. R-Truth comes out and says Hornswoggle is shooting t-shirts to all the little jimmy’s and little jenny’s. Says he wants to try and tells Hornswoggle he has nothing to be afraid of because he is a good R-Truth. Says he will beat John Cena for the WWE title this Sunday and no one will stop him from getting what he wants. Not John Cena....and not you, pointing at Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle shoots Truth with no effect. Hornswoggle tries to run out of the ring but Truth stops him. Makes him think he will not hurt him and proceeds to give him a big boot to the face. Austin appears on the titan tron and says R-Truth needs to pick on someone his own size. Says before he gets to John Cena this Sunday he needs to get through John Morrison as Morrison appears next to Austin on the tron. Truth looks extremely pissed off and says "Looks like your gonna get some of this" and stomps Hornswoggle a few more times. R-Truth leaves the ring and Jerry Lawler calls to the back for help for Hornswoggle.

Sheamus vs. Santino Marella. Sheamus attacks Santino from the opening bell. Hits few punches and forarms to the back. Sheamus hits a body slam and covers only for a two count. Whips Santino to the ropes but Santino reverse it and goes for the hip toss, but, Sheamus counters with a clothesline. Picks up Santino for the Celtic cross, but, Santino escapes. Sheamus runs at Santino and is met with the drop down hip toss. Santino sets up for the Cobra but, is hit with the brogue kick that drops Santino. Sheamus applies a single leg Boston Crab to Santino's left leg and Santino taps out right away.
Winner via submission Sheamus.

They replay clips from Smackdown which shows Christian hitting Randy Orton with the belt and holding it up. They also show Christian getting involved in Orton's match with Sheamus on Smackdown last Friday.

Randy Orton walks to the ring. Takes the mic which doesn't work. Gets a new mic and says "Live TV is awesome".  Says he has not been gone that long, but, it feels good to be back on Monday Night Raw. Says he should be happy since he is world champion but says he is not because Christian is in the building. Calls Christian out. Says he promises he will not hurt Christian and just wants to talk. We wait and no Christian. Randy says "OK, you caught me. I will hurt you the first chance I get and needs to be a man and come down to the ring". Christian appears on the tron and says Orton was born into the WWE. Says Orton's WWE career was given to him on a silver platter and knows nothing about hard work. Says how it took him 17 years of hard work to win the World Title. Christian asks the fans if they want him to come out and face Orton. The fans cheer yes, but, Christian says he will not come out because he could care less what the fans think. Orton says Edge carried Christian for 17 years, what's one more day? This prompts Christian to make his way to the ring. Christian stops half way down the ramp and changes his mind. Orton leaves the ring and runs up the ramp to be met by arena security. The Raw G.M. rings in and Michael Cole says Orton will not fight Christian because he has a concussion as a result of what happened on Smackdown. Orton ignores the G.M. and tries to fight through security. The G.M. dings in again and says if Orton touches Christian he will be stripped of the World Heavyweight Championship. Austin shows on up the tron and says Christian escaped an ass beating and he will face "the master of the 6-1-9 Rey Mysterio next.

We come back from the break and Christian is waiting in the ring while Booker T makes his way to the broadcast team. Mysterio comes to the ring. Mysterio tries to lock up but, Christian kicks Mysterio and lands a forearm to the back.  **Missed some of the match due to a knock on my door from a neighbor** Christian back body drops Rey over the top rope and is selling that he might not be able to get back in the ring and we go to commercial as Christian smiles in the ring.

We come back and Christian has Rey in a rear chin lock. Rey fights out of it but, Christian reverses Rey into the corner and places Mysterio's neck on the second rope while placing his knees on Mysterio's back. Christian doesn't break by five and Christian is disqualified. Yells at the ref for the moment and then body slams Rey. Climbs to the top rope for a frog splash. Rey jumps up and climbs the ropes to back body drop Christian off the top rope. C.M. Punk runs to the ring as Rey is about to hit the frog splash on Christian. He changes his mind and hits Punk with a cross body block to the floor. Rey runs back in the ring and hits Christian with a hurricanrana which sets up a 6-1-9. Rey sees Otunga and McGillicutty and knocks them off the apron. Sets up Christian again for the 6-1-9 and gets caught like a baby by Mason Ryan which saves Christian from being hit by the 6-1-9. Mason Ryan rams Mysterio's back into the ring post and hits him with a backbreaker. He throws Rey back in the ring and Christian hits Rey with the Killswitch.

Dolph Ziggler and Vicki interrupt Steve Austin on his cell phone. Ziggler asks for a U.S. Title match against Kofi Kingston. Austin says he will if he leaves Vicki since the greats needs to it done on their own. Ziggler says yes and Austin says "I'm just kidding. I already made the match" and walks off leaving an upset Vicki and Ziggler. R-Truth vs. John Morrison is next.

R-Truth makes his way to the ring. John Morrison's music is played but no one comes out. They stop the music for a few and play it again. Once again, no John Morrison. Cole says Morrison is grandstanding to upset Truth.  Truth grabs the mic and starts talking trash about Morrison not coming out. Says if you going act bad, you better back it up and leaves the ring to get Morrison. The camera follows R-Truth to the backstage area and we see John Morrison on the ground holding his neck, surrounded by the trainers. Truth scares the trainers away and acts sarcastically shocked that Morrison is hurt. Puts the boots to him for a few and proceeds to ram a large production crate on wheels into Morrison while he is on the ground. Morrison sells the neck as if something is seriously wrong. The trainers yell at Truth to leave. Truth says "I guess we don't get to see the match tonight" and "Take that little Jimmy" and leaves.

WWE Did you know fact for the week: WWE has more Twitter followers than Microsoft, Disney, Nickelodeon, NASCAR and a million other companies.

Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston.
Swagger works over Kofi early. Hits Kofi with the side effect for only a two count. Misses the Vader Bomb and Kofi makes the tag to Bourne. Bourne ducks a punch from Swagger and lands a running hurricanrana for a two count. Swagger gets the ankle lock for a few seconds but Bourne uses his balance to kick swagger in the head. Swagger sells to babyface corner. Ziggler drags Bourne back to his corner. While the ref is distracted by Ziggler, Kofi hits Swagger with the Trouble in Paradise from the apron. Swagger lands in position to be hit with Air Bourne for the 1,2,3. Kingston and Bourne celebrate the win while Booker T puts over Air Bourne as one of the most amazing moves he has ever seen live.
Winner Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne.
They congratulate The Rock for winning the biggest badass award at the Spike's Guy's Choice Awards. They mention he beat out Mark Wahlberg for the award.

Rowdy Roddy Piper makes his way to the ring for Piper's Pit. Mentions that at Wrestlemania 2 he dropped Mr. T in this very arena. Miz cuts him off and says Piper is living in the past and says he is sick of being told he is a modern day Roddy Piper. Piper says you could never be me. Miz says he know this because unlike him, he won the WWE title and unlike him, he won the main event at Wrestlemania. Says the Real World is more entertaining then anything in Piper's movie "They Live". Piper says he never saw the Real World because unlike Miz, he was living in the Real World. Piper brings out Riley and asks when did he realize that the Miz was using him?  Asked if he gained self respect after Miz lost the title to Cena and Miz replies "This is coming form the guy who used Cowboy Bob Orton?" Piper asked if he feels Miz can beat Riley on Sunday. Miz says yes. Riley says he can beat the Miz and thinks Piper can beat Miz right now. Piper shakes his head no. Miz says "Really" and says he bets $1,000.00 he can beat Piper. Piper thinks about it as if he is not going to take the match and comes back with "Let's make it $5,000.00. Miz takes the match and Austin appears on the tron and makes Alex Riley the special ref which makes the Miz very upset.

We come back from commercial.  Piper jumps Miz from behind with punches and pokes him in the eye. Piper applies the sleeper but Miz rams Piper into the corner. Riley pulls Miz off Piper before he can do anything. Miz works over Piper with punches and Riley pulls him off again. Miz punches Riley and Riley returns with lefts and rights. During this exchange, Piper rolls up Miz with a school boy and Riley fast counts the pin which gives Piper the win. Riley picks up Miz and throws him over the top rope. Piper's music plays as Riley raises his hand in victory.
Winner via pinfall Rowdy Roddy Piper.

They show clips of the Bella Twins and Kelly Kelly on The Price is Right. They show the three of them being friendly with each other. Michael Cole covers it by saying they put aside their differences for one day to do the show.

7 Divas Tag Team Match
Bella Twins, Melina, Maryse Alica Fox, Rosa Mendez , Tamina, vs. Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, A.J., Natalia, Eve Torres, Gail Kim and Katilyn
Brie Bella and Kelly Kelly start the match. Bella quickly tags Rosa Mendez. The two brawl for a few. Kelly whips Mendez into the ropes and hits a Thez press. All the divas come into the ring to brawl with each other. The smokes clears and Kelly Kelly hits Rosa with a rocker dropper for the win.
Winner via pinfall Kelly Kelly, Beth Pheonix, A.J., Natalia, Eve Torres, Gail Kim and Kaitlyn

Eve grabs the mic and talks about the divas being at the Tony Awards and they all hook up arm and arm and do the Rockettes kick to start spreading the news.
Andy is in the back drinking beer with Steve Austin. Austin says he is proud of him for winning Tough Enough but now is the time is needs to get really tough. Andy says he is up to the task and C.M. Punks walks in the room. Thanks Austin for making the match with Cena even though Austin is drunk. Austin offers Punk a beer which gets a laugh from the audience. Punk says he is going to change the landscape of the WWE tonight. Austin says Nexus is banned from ringside. Punk says he can beat Cena on his own. Austin says he is going to the ring to make an announcement.

Austin comes out with his ATV. Before he can make his announcement the Raw G.M. dings in. Says while Austin is the G.M. tonight, all good things must come to an end. The G.M. says he will be back next to run the show. Austin says since he has some time left, he announced next week that the matches and the stipulations will be decided by the fans. The G.M. keeps dinging in over and over again. Austin accuses Cole of pressing the button. Says he will whip Cole's ass if he presses the button one more time. The ding sounds and Cole swears its not him. Austin chases but Cole escapes. Austin knocks over the G.M. Lap Top podium. He takes the lap top and pours beer on it. He tries to run it over with the ATV. He misses but backs up over it and the lap top is in pieces.

Another Obama/Capitol Punishment dream promo with Jerry Lawler with Smackdown stars Cody Rhodes, Sheamus, The Great Khali and Hornswoggle.
WWE Did you know FACT: Over Ten million people watch Tough Enough on USA.

C.M Punk vs. John Cena
Punks enters the ring first followed by Cena. The boo birds are out in force against Cena. They lock up and Cena hits a waist lock. CM. Punk reverses into a waist lock of his own. Cena breaks free and they exchanges punches. Dueling chants with a majority of support for Cena.

We come back form commercial and Punk and Cena are exchanging punches. Cena throws Punk into the ropes but Punk reverses Cena and applies an abdominal stretch. Cena powers out of it with a hip toss. Punk cuts off Cena and throws him outside the ring, Hits two clotheslines from the apron and tosses Cena back in the ring and applies the body scissors. Cena powers out and applies the STF. C.M. Punk is too close to the ropes and Cena has to break the hold. Punk is winning most of this match right now. Punk whips Cena into the turnbuckle sternum first. C.M. Punk tries for a springboard clothesline, but, Cena moves out of the way. Cena comes back out of no where and hits the five moves of doom. He lifts up Punk for the AA and R-Truth is in the audience with the mic. He is with little kid wearing a John Cena hat. Tells the kid he will trade him a sip of water for the hat. Takes the hat off the kid and looks as if he is going to spit water in the kids face. Cena yells at R-Truth to not do anything to the kid. This distracts Cena long enough for C.M. Punk to lift Cena and nail the GTS for the three count.

Winner via pinfall C.M. Punk.

Punk leaves and R-Truth grabs the mic and the WWE title belt. Truth stands over Cena's body holding up the title. Tells Cena "This Sunday, The truth shall set you free." R-Truth leaves the ring and walks up the ramp with the WWE title. He looks at the title with a very crazed looked and looks at Cena with the same look to end the show.

Bulletin Board of Random Thought By Atlee Greene

Professional Wrestling

- Kevin Nash is not a legend. Yes he has a WWE legends contract. I know was a key member of the NWO that drew millions of dollars. I don't care. I remember when Kevin Nash (Diesel) won the WWF title in late 1994. My first thought was "Diesel??? WWF champion? Really??" I never bought Nash as champion. When I think Legend, names like Bruno, Graham, Hogan, Flair, Savage, Andre, come to mind. Does Nash really belong?

-Why did I watch Tough Enough? Someone please tell me because I haven't got a clue. Andy has the "It" factor that no one can see except for Booker T, Trish Stratus and Bill DeMott. Maybe his "It" factor was too small for my HD TV to pick up. Or maybe, Vince slapped the "It" out of him.< br />

-R-Truth & Shinsuke Nakamura are my favorite wrestlers to watch right now. Truth's delivery with the material he is amazing. He sounds different from anyone else on the roster which is refreshing. Nakamura wrestles for New Japan Pro Wrestling. He is a three time IWGP Heavyweight champion. His in ring style is different and incorporates a lot of strikes. Just search his name on Google and you tube if you want learn more about him.

-TNA/Impact Wrestling sucks!

Mixed Martial Arts

- Happy to see GSP vs. Nick Diaz signed for UFC 137 in October. This will be the biggest fight of the year. GSP will clear out the division with a win. Diaz is a better striker however someone with great take downs are his Kryptonite. Diaz will not be afraid of the take downs like previous GSP opponents.

- Chuck O'Neill's nick name "Cold Steel" is has to be the worst nick name in sports.

-Did anyone think Dana White's statement "business as usual" would stay for long?

- Former UFC and NWA champion Dan Severn was unsuccessful is gaining his 100th win last weekend. He is a lot older now and hopefully he will gain his 100th win unscathed.

- Tito Ortiz is going to get smashed by Ryan Bader at UFC 132 on 7/3. Tito is more interested in the celebrity that comes with being a fighter than winning championships. He would rather look good first and win second. I think Nader will knock him out of the UFC.

- Shane Carwin lost Junior Dos Santos via unamious decision on Saturday night. Carwin came back after an 11 month lay off and back surgery due to spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is the same injury that ended the career of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Edge. We will have to wait and see how this will effect Carwin at 36 years old. The fact that he is fighting instead of working a wrestling match brings a different dynamic to the situation.


- Just read Flash Point #1, War of the Green Lanterns #1 and Fear Itself #1-3. Very good stories so far. Part of me wonders why I'm reading the Lantern series when the DC reboot takes place on 8/31/11. The geek in me has to know how it ends.

- Please check out Green Lantern: Emerald Knights on DVD or On-Demand if you are looking to become more familiar with the Green Lantern mythology before seeing the movie next week.

- Can't stand it when Superman comic books leave out the Yellow "S" on his cape. It's always been a pet peeve of mine

Friday, June 10, 2011

UFC Looking to Buy G4 Cable Channel, Spike Execs Prepare to Move On

UFC Looking to Buy G4 Cable Channel, Spike Execs Prepare to Move On

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Indy Focus: Rob "The Giant" Araujo

Rob "The Giant" Araujo

Height: 4'10
Weight: 135
Age: 20
Hometown: Tiverton, RI
Finishing Maneuver: Short Notice (double under hook, flip backbreaker)
Trained by: Brutal Bob Evans, Revolution Chris Venom
Promotions: EPW, NECW, BTW, NCW, PLW, LPW, PRWA (Puerto Rico), MPW (Canada), VCW

Q: When did you become a wrestling fan and how?

RA: When I was 8 years old I stumbled across a WCW Nitro taping where Sting and Bret Hart were duking it out all over the arena.

Q: Where did you grow up?

RA: Warren, R.I until my senior year of High School.

Q: Who were your favorites growing up?

RA: Sting, Rey Mysterio, X-Pac and yep Scotty 2 Hotty. Their styles stood out to me and just how the smaller guys moved around and of their height as well, made me think I could do this one day.

Q: Did you attend wrestling shows when you were a kid?

RA: I went to only a handful, it was after 2 EPW shows when I was 16 when I came across a wrestling school ad.

Q: What is your favorite wrestling match?

RA: Tag matches, I don't know why but when it's work with the crowd I love the pop they make

Q: What is your favorite event?

RA: Any event, whether it’s a benefit show, profit show. People pay to see you; they know what wrestling is so make them believe every night you’re out there.

Q: First impressions of the business when you were training?

RA: Wasn't what I expected, and it sucked for awhile, but this was a dream of mine and I didn't give up. Here I am 4 years later still going.

Q: How has life been on the Independent Scene?

RA: It has its ups and downs obviously. I love going out every weekend to different venues and seeing houses grow.

Q: Who are some of the notable names you have worked with?

RA: I've been on shows with a lot of names, but the only one I really got to work with not including Ashworth as the famous Doink, is Short Sleeve Sampson. I've been on a few tours and to a few venues with him and its fun. When I wrestle him it’s a totally different wrestling style, but his years in the business and experience have helped me out a lot. I'm grateful for what he's done for me.

Q: Do you believe Kayfabe is dead?

RA: Too some extent, but with techno today it's easy to get the scoop on things.

Q: Any TV/Media appearances:

RA: I did T.V for NECW last year on Comcast, and as well was on TV in Puerto Rico for PRWA and was On WWE Raw for Little's People Court, which was a lot of fun.

Q: Can talk about you experience working for the WWE when you were booked for the little people’s court?

RA: December 2009 I was asked to be apart of Raw, for what I had no idea what I would do. I spent time down there with Brian Thoe, another Midget Indy worker. We checked out the setup, met almost everyone there is, and of course the best part, The Buffet room! Our agent for the night was Michael Hayes, so right there it was fun to have someone I used to watch and admire as the boss sort of. Everyone was real professional and had good attitudes around the locker room.

Q: What was it like to work with HHH and Shawm Michaels?

RA: It was an honor to do something in the same room as those two. Everyone growing up in this era had to of watched them and being able to be apart of something of there's was fun. They just went off the fly with our gimmick and the shit they had was hilarious.

Q: Have you come any obstacles in getting work as a result of your size?

RA: Yes/ No. I hate the old midget comedy spots for a whole match. Yeah that's what draws and gets some crowd reaction. But I like the big man little man story. Its hard finding other midget wrestlers in the area and the only one I truly admire is Short Sleeve Sampson. He has helped me with getting around places and having good Wrestling matches with. Of course I can't go full 20 minutes with a bigger guy, so there's a down fall but I do what I can. I don't want to a known as a professional midget wrestler, but a Professional wrestler who was a midget!

Q: What are your future plans?

RA: To hopefully be back in WWE, try for TNA. Other than that just go where I can and see where wrestling takes me. I want to be known as a hard working midget wrestler, who brought a new level to the word midget wrestling. Big, or small I love just getting in the ring with another pro and perform

Q: When and where was your last match and what was the result?

RA:  In Brockton Massachusetts with my partner Kevin Cordero and we went over The Minute Men (Devin Blaze and Tommy Trainwreck)

Have any questions or want to learn more and see my updates visit me at!/pages/The-Giant-Robbie-Araujo/123084447771823

Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Night Raw Review (06.06.2011)

Todd Graham, Back again for another Look at Monday Night Raw...The only show that means anything in the WWE universe no matter what anyone says. So let's get right into it.

When Little Jimmy Comes Marching Home Again...
I will say this, i'm not a huge R-truth fan, but you have to admire the guts he must have to come out and cut a flawless promo in front of the boss. Now granted wrestling is all scripted nonsense anyway, but it's hard enough performing in front of thousands of people, nevermind the guy who signs your checks, and also has complete control of your push and future employment. And not only that, but you have to give him credit, for someone with a very silly personality, like R-Truth has, he is as serious as a heart attack and doesn't break character when the camera is on him. So for this, he has my attention. Same segment they brought out the usual "Cavalcade of Tonight's Main event Stars". Some people will say that they didn't give Alex Riley a chance to speak, and it was a brief exchange, but Riley is very over with the last few weeks, and it's all he had to say. Reminder to all you armchair bookers out there...No matter what you think...Less is more. besides, let's see what this kid can do in the ring before we kill any push he was gonna get by letting him talk right now.
Miz does his usual thing, he is a good talker, and a mediocre wrestler...Just like John Cena, so he fits the mold. Once again, these reviews will not be me judging ability, im only commenting on the stuff that is out of the control of the performers themselves. Overall nice set up for the main event, which is what it was suppose to be in the first place.

Midcard Thoughts
- CM Punk is the best wrestler with nothing to do in WWE today, but where the hell else would he go if he left after his contract expires.
- Big Show is Boring, Kane is Boring, they could both use a retirement right now. When Andre was wrestling, Andre wrestling was a special thing, and if Andre EVER lost, it meant something. Beating big show is easy apparently.
- Alberto del Rio, Great Heel
- When your United States champion needs a Video Package randomly on the show, you have failed with the talent you have, his push and interest ended a long time ago...See Shelton Benjamin
- Zack Ryder was on Raw tonight, in an actual match, who gives a shit? I enjoy his youtube show, very funny, but really, who gives a shit?
- Jack Swagger, See above...minus the funny Youtube Show

Stone Cold Steve Austin...Is a Bitch
This is the second time a Dusty finish was booked while Steve Austin was the referee. The WWE booked Steve Austin as a special guest Referee in attempt to get a little more interest for their main event. However two Times out of two in the "Anonymous General Manager" Era, Steve Austin's referee decision has been reversed. It might just be me, but now all i can see whenever Steve Austin is put in this role, whatever the outcome of the match is...Isn't. Now granted, doing things this way, keeps all the talents involved from being tarnished by losing...Or so they think. Let's face it, the fact that these people are seen 8 Days a week on wrestling tv is tarnishing everyone regardless...Less is More.

Lucha Libre is a sloppy mess
I heard that Justin Labar had issue with Atlee Greene's "Averno to WWE post", where Atlee said it was a bad idea to bring in another lucha libre star to help sin cara get over instead of forcing sin cara learn the wwe style. Now i don't mind a difference of opinion, but as i was told, Justin's counterpoint to the argument was essentially, "No Vince Mcmahon will realize that he should capitalize on the Lucha Libre Style". And after hearing that i have the following to say on the subject...

Justin Labar is a Fucking Retard

Lucha Libre is a super popular thing...In Mexico...and Nowhere else. Sure there are Niche groups that will say otherwise, and that's fine, because this is just one mark's opinion, but last i checked "Lucha Libre" isnt a license to print money in the united states, It makes thousands of peso's in mexico, but the american exchange from dollars to pesos is 12 to 1, and that is saying something. It is a flying mess of colors and botched spots, nobody in mexico cares because there isnt a shit load to do there, In america, we have better things to do. Like me, i fast forward through Raw.

And if for whatever reason Justin sees this and wants to tag on me back on one of his shitty wrestling vlogs, he can go nuts, cause i will never waste another second watching it, so i'll never know.

And that is my monday night raw

Friday, June 3, 2011

Can Averno help Sin Cara save face?

By Atlee Greene

 Hell is coming to the WWE in the form of the Luchador named Averno. He is being brought in to work with Sin Cara because he is not getting over. The two have had lots of great matches together in Mexico and Averno is considered to be Sin Cara's best opponent. Averno is going to finish up with CMLL in June in a mask vs. mask match with La Mascara. It nice to see the company work with someone instead of giving up on them, however, I question if this is the best idea.

Sin Cara was brought to the main roster before he could learn the American style.  He can't speak English which means he will not get over with promos. He was brought up despite all of these things because they are paying him a lot of money. This move risks ruining their investment before it has a chance to flourish. Lets say Sin Cara feuds with Averno for six months, they produce amazing matches and Sin Cara is finally over. What happens when the feud ends? He is right back at square one. Having bad matches because he does not know the style. Plus, six months of time was lost where he could have been learning the American style. 

If I'm great at Algebra but horrible at Geometry, why would I spend two months of the semester doing what I'm already good at when I need to understand Perimeter and Circumference in order to obtain my degree? The theory to bringing in Averno is good, but the reality looks flawed. I hope I'm wrong.

Mistico (Sin Cara) vs. Averno 1/5/07

Thursday, June 2, 2011

D.C. Comics to Reboot their universe. Will it be for good?

By Atlee Greene

I have mixed feelings when the news broke about how DC Comics is rebooting their universe starting on August 31, 2011. On one hand I'm happy to get a fresh start with my favorite titles. This also gives me a chance to read some of the titles I never read before. The whole multi-universe story made everything too convoluted. I sometimes wondered if the writers at DC used this concept as a crutch to finish certain stories. 52 multi-verses gave me too many headaches. I could never get into the notion of Earth 3 Superman not being effected by Kryptonite while Earth 49 Green Lantern's power not working against wood instead of the color yellow. I know hardcore fans who love continuity are upset about this. I'm happy to see it go and please don't ever let it come back.

I don't like the idea of getting rid of the old universe. The plan is to wrap all story lines once and for all with Flashpoint in order to have a fresh start with DC 's 52 titles. Marvel made a similar move with their Ultimate reboot while keeping the old universe books. We will not have this option with DC. Warner Bros stated in a press release months ago that they are looking for ways to have their iconic characters become more relevant today. A reboot is a smart way to go about it.

My question is, are they in the for the short term or the long haul? Everyone is going to buy issue one of the books to see what the buzz is all about. Sales might decrease for a little bit. DC will have egg on their face if they bring back the old universe because sales start to decline. They need to do everything possible to make people realize these are what our heroes will look like from here on out.

The picture above was released by D.C. Comics. The changes are not drastic. De-aging characters and re-telling their origins comes with the reboot. Superman looks like Superboy, Aquaman looks like an Abercrombie & Fitch model and Wonder Woman looks like she is going to the club with a lasso. Erasing continuity and launching their titles in retail and digital markets on the same day has to be upsetting to a lot of retailers. Others say digital releases is where the comic book market is going. Overall, I'm excited about this and can't wait to start reading Flashpoint to see how this all unfolds.

Questions to ask with the reboot:

Are Lois and Clark still married?
Will Batman be fueled by something else instead of his parents death?
Do the Brightest Day and Blackest Night stories even matter anymore?
How many new characters will DC produce?
How many characters will they eliminate? 
Will Flash be the only person who remembers the old universe after Flashpoint?
Will the Superman look in the picture be the look he will have in the Man of Steel movie?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011