Monday, May 2, 2011

Introduction to the blog (better late than never)

Creatively, I have been asleep for some time now; tired of the same questions and frustrated with the same answers, I retreated within myself, tucked away from the world’s unrelenting gaze. I forgot that feeling of accomplishment, that feeling of blind confidence in myself that can make me capable of doing great things, and instead settled for things in neutral. I grew fearful of taking chances. This is not what life is supposed to be and I am capable of so much more. It is time for me to slip the chains of my protective slumber off and start building something that I can once again be proud of.

I've wanted to start a blog for quite sometime. I never did for fear it would not go anywhere. I will never know unless I try, so here we are! I wanted to do something different though. I want this to appeal to hardcore fans and casual fans of Pro Wrestling, MMA, Sci-Fi, Games and Comics. Too often, I go to various web sites and hardcore fans will get on someones case for being a "noob" or "not a real fan" just because they casually follow something. I see the reverse when casual viewers mock hardcore fans for being vocal about their passion. This is a place where both are welcome and both are equal. Opinions will be posted on the aforementioned topics along with videos and podcasts. I have some great friends who will contribute to this blog and introduce themselves in time.

- Atlee Greene
Former professional wrestler and promoter in the New England area. Covers pro wrestling and mixed martial arts for Associates degree in Criminal Justice

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  1. Very nice Atlee. I used to take the boys to the local wrestling here in Texas. I still have some pictures of some of the matches we went to.

    Aunt Norma