Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Look at the Landscape with Todd Graham

In this first installment of "A Look at the Landscape", I will spit out random thoughts about the recent going's on in the World of Wrestling.

Tonight my thoughts are purely WWE related coming off of "Extreme Rules" and an episode of "Monday Night Raw"

Let the Running off at the mouth begin...

- As Predicted the Status Quo has been upheld with Kofi Kingston's winning of the United States title from Sheamus bringing the title back to Raw, and Christian defeating recently drafted to Raw, Alberto Del Rio.

- Christian's World Title win finally grants him the distinction that no other wrestler in the WWE holds, 6 Star Champion. Alot of people are familiar with "The Triple Crown" or "The Grandslam" when it comes to multiple title holders, but Christian is in a class all to his own having been WWE Light Weight Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion, WWE European Champion, WWE Intercontinental Champion, WWE Hardcore Champion, and Now has possessed a WWE Recognized World Title (This of course does not count the TNA World Title because...What's TNA? and the WWECW Title was never a World Title)

- I would have marked out to Christian's title win...If Edge hadn't retired. This may have been for the status Quo considering Del Rio's move to Raw, but this whole thing reminded me of Rey Mysterio's first reign as World Champion...which was initiated by the passing of Eddie Guerrero. To me this will taint Christian's title win, and i feel like his reign will be short although secretly i hope it isnt. I have never been a huge fan of Christian, but much like Kane, deserves at least one run longer than 24 hours....And i don't care for Kane either.

- John Cena vs The Miz vs John Morrison...In a Steel Cage...Why? The whole concept of it being a cage match was abruptly announced on an Episode of Raw as a throwaway line of dialogue during an opening promo. Then there was the original lineup for this match, instead of John Morrison it was supposed to be R-Truth. In my opinion, neither of which deserve to be in the ring with The Miz and John Cena. R-Truth ruined his Niche by turning heel, he was a marginal midcard guy at best, and John Morrison...Well he has the ability, but now is not the time, and there was no build up. But nevermind the participants, why was this match in a cage? None of the Wrestlers in the match were running from each other to warrant the need to keep them together in a cage. Thankfully the match ended by pinfall, which brings me to my next point

- The Idea of the Cage match is officially lost, it's a novelty not an end game. Not the way it use to be back when Tully and Magnum did it. The cage is suppose to be a solution to put two guys who have been feuding together for a long period of time in a position where a "Winner needs to be determined". For all the readers of this blog, how do you win a cage match? or better yet, what's the first means of winning a cage match that jumps to mind when you read my first question? the answer commonly said...Exiting the Cage. And this is where i check out. The Idea of the cage is to keep people in to settle a score, and a winner can be determined by deciding who could run away faster? Seems Stupid to me...Should be rethought.

- Awesome "Kharma" Kong made her debut at the ppv to Implant Bust Michelle McCool and send her on her way, and then she leveled Maryse on Raw sending the IWC on rants of "Is she a babyface"...She'd better well not be. The only way to book Kong is to have her eat every small diva on the roster until she meets up with Beth Phoenix. there aren't alot of Dream Matches involving Women, but this is one of them and they need to do the slow burn on this one. However my prediction was that they will burn this bridge when they make Kharma's first feud with Beth Phoenix...

- I thought John Cena Won the Title last night, but he got bumped for a Birthday Party? I'm reminded of when young kids chanted "He-Man" at the ghostbusters in the beginning of Ghostbusters 2.

- Can anyone else see that Zack Ryder is this Generation's Doink the Clown? A joke of a character who got a following. Alot of people will say Santino Marella is in the same position...this isn't true, when spring cleaning comes...Who would you be more worried about losing their job?

- Cm Punk vs Randy Orton...Great Outing...Same Old Shit. Two Guys Killing each other to Jerk the Curtain.

And now for Some Superlatives

-Destined to be Future Endeavored this Spring: Tyler Recks
-The Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Too Late Award: Mark Henry
-The "Magic of Editing Award": Sin Cara
-Destined to be a Future Main Eventer: Cody Rhodes
-Most Likely to be Rocketed Away from the Main Event after a Push: Christian
-Should Retire Immediately Award: Kane

Well Anyway that's it for this random rant, until another one comes floating by my cerebral cortex, keep your knees to the ground and keep reaching for your junk.

Todd Graham
Owner, Writer, and Editor of Project Zero Wrestling (www.PZWrestling.tk)

Writer's Note: It was brought to my Attention that i was incorrect about the Christian Fact, Jeff Hardy was actually the first 6 Star champion, forgot he held the European title. Not only that but Jeff even won both Top titles as well. So my Bad.

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