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NCW Aftermath RESULTS 4/30/2011

Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to the Boys & Girls Club in Brockton MA on April 30th for the Aftermath of NCW's 14 Year Reunion.

Venue: Boys & Girls Club
Ring Announcer: Shane Daly
Referees: Red Roche & Chris Dinapoli

1. Tag Team Match
The Minutemen ["Terrific" Tommy & "Delicious" Devin] vs. Project: Lethal [Rob "the Giant" Arujo & Kevin Cordeiro]
Rob "the Giant" picked up the win for Project: Lethal when he pinned "Terrific" Tommy after he fell victim to a Reverse STO/Codebreaker double team.

Before Shane Daly could announce the next match, he was interupted by MTE and Tim Kilgore. MTE went on a rant about how no one out back wanted to fight him in Brockton. However, he was proved wrong when Pacifico's music began to play.

2. Singles Match
Michael Tootsie Esquire (MTE) (175 lbs, Seekonk MA) w/ "The Anti-Social Anarchist" Tim Kilgore vs. Richard Pacifico (243 lbs, Snake Hill NY)
MTE rolls up Pacifico for the win.

After the match, Tim Kilgore's opponent for the evening arrived on the scene, Anthony Stone. Commissioner Livsley ordered Pacifico and MTE to the back, and the match began.

3. Singles Match
Tim Kilgore (195 lbs, Salem MA) vs. Anthony Stone (172 lbs, New Bedford MA)
Anthony Stone pinned Tim Kilgore after he hit him with a pair of flying knees from the top rope.

At the beginning of the night, it was announced that the fans could vote on a contender to face NCW New England Champion, "The Showoff" Mike Paiva, for his title later in the evening. While the first three matches were going on, the votes were tallied and a winner was declared. Eddie Loomis, the 2010 NCW Rookie of the Year, would be getting a New England title match.

4. Singles Match
David Marxxx-Loomis (205 lbs, The Marxxx Household) vs. "The Juice" JT Dunn (180 lbs, Detroit MI) w/ The Luscious Latasha
JT Dunn upset the former NCW Heavyweight Champion, pinning him after a shining wizard kick to the head.

5. Six-man Tag Team Match
The Granite State Wrecking Crew ["The Unequaled One" Todd Sople & "The Granite State Destroyer" Gunar Rowe] & El Loco Mexicano vs. NCW Tag Team Champions Generation SLAM ["Dynamic" Jon Thornhill & "The Average Guy" Timothy Pittman w/ Amber] & representing Destruction Under Impact - "Impact" William Thorne
Generation SLAM and Thorne fell victim to a miscommunication during the final moments of the match. This led to Pittman being on the losing end of a bridging german suplex from Gunar Rowe. After their loss, Generation SLAM's Jon Thornhill got into a brief argument with Thorne before DUI's big man left the ring.

6. No Disqualifications Match
Jack Krueger (196 lbs, Schillar Park CT) vs. Cam Denile (205 lbs, Schillar Park CT)
Krueger came out carrying a steel chair and a plan. He hid next to the entryway and waited for his prey. As Cam Denile made his entrance, his former friend attacked him with the chair. Cam tried making a comeback, but was soon finished off following a double-arm DDT to the steel chair.

7. NCW New England Championship
(c) "The Showoff" Mike Paiva (165 lbs, "The City of Champions" Brockton MA) vs. Eddie Loomis (150 lbs, Plainfield CT
Eddie Loomis held his own with the longest reining NCW New England Champion before Paiva was able to cheat his way to victory. Eddie went for a sunset flip pin, Paiva dropped down on to him and proceeded to grab the ropes. This went unnoticed by the ref, who made the 3-count and awarded the Showoff the match.

8. 3rd Match in a Best of 7 Series
Buddy Romano (185 lbs, Warwick RI) vs. "Dynamite" Doug Summers (201 lbs, Panic PA)
Coming in to this match, both men were tied at one victory a piece in their best of 7 series. Doug Summers caught Buddy Romano's attempted sunset flip making the score 2-1 Doug Summers.

9. NCW Heavyweight Championship
"Simply the Best" GA West (88 kg, Manhattan NY) vs. (c) "The Portuguese Sensation" Ruy Batello (330 lbs, Lisbon Portugal)
Ruy Batello retained the championship after reversing one of West's high-flying moves into a sitdown powerbomb.

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