Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Night Raw Review (05.30.2011)

After a small hiatus from the Midnight Logic, I have decided to come back with a Raw Review...But not a regular review, im only gonna cover stuff i actually gave a shit about.

I'm not like most reviewers where i will come on and give a star rating to a match or tell you what they did wrong in a match, thats not my business, performers are in high pressure situations and shit happens. What i will review is the writing on the show, because direction is dictated by the writers and not the performers...Unfortunate, but thats the way it will stay. So let me make 3 Points about Raw for those of whom paying attention.

01. R-Truth's Conspiracy Angle
Many people will see this as a way to get John Cena some fodder to hold him over for a year till he wrestles the Rock at Wrestlemania 28, but at this point in the game, they need to show something for their investment, and the WWE has invested alot of money in R-Truth over the years. Will he become the champion? probably not...but dont put it past them. A Run with the title, 10 minutes or 10 Months, can make you a star...Look at christian. He was the champion for a cup of coffee and the internet fans were outraged that they fucked Christian out of his chance. Anyone who thinks that is a Mark..and they got you good. Personally i think Christian is Boring, never was a fan, but i can't take away the fact that he is a decent performer and creative...Just not my cup of tea. Christian got his moment and once the moment was over, that's all it needed to be. Until all of this went Down Christian was floundering, holding up the mid card, doing nothing of true interest. Losing the title the way he did, has kept him relevant because now everyone will be waiting and watching him to see when he will get his shot again. WWE: 1 Marks: 0....and that's just One Mark's Opinion :-)

02. If Tim Fury had a chance in the business...Alex Riley took it
Alex Riley has turned babyface by attacking The Miz the way he did, and the crowd ate it up and loved it. The WWE has officially launched Riley into a spot where his future depends on him. If he can keep up the intensity he will stay over. Tim Fury, a Local wrestler from Massachusetts, was always told that he could become something if he got bigger, or if he worked more, or any number of things that he didn't do, which is why he will go down in wrestling circles as wasted potential and a theif. Riley and Fury have a similar build, similar look, and both got red hot reactions from the crowds they worked in front of when they were both babyfaces. But if Tim ever wanted to get back in the business, he would always be compared to Alex Riley from here on in. Too Late, but i don't think whatever rock he lives under now gets USA

and Finally

03. Kharma being Written off TV
Word got out that Kharma got knocked up. The Internet Community makes up a very small ammount of the WWE Audience. But the WWE writers decided to go with a shoot...and for that i applaud them. They could have had Kharma come out and ask out Kelly Kelly and get denied and have her sulk and leave for a year, they could have also had Triple H come out and Pedigree her for reminding him of Chyna, but the writers did the right thing. Not only that, but whenever she came out, the crowd would go nuts, regardless of how she was booked...which was seemingly as a heel destroying all the divas. That had her come out and speak from the heart, like a babyface, and she won over the crowd...she probably won over the crowd a long time ago for her hard work in the business. But she came out, spoke from the heart, and told everyone the truth...and then said she would return, and the reaction she got made her return in a year very special. When the Bellas came out and made themselves targets...It was done right, they made them look like cunts...but the response Kharma gave to them was also a shoot. Paraphrasing she basically said "If you two still have a job in a year, im gonna eat you motherfuckers"...Which is funny because those girls are terrible and there is a chance they wont be employed next year. But at the end of the day they didnt waste Beth Phoenix vs Awesome Kong as her first feud and thats what matters to me.

And that's just one mark's opinion, thank you and goodnight

Todd Graham

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