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NCW Payback RESULTS 6/17/2011

Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to the Jacob Jones VFW Post in Dedham MA on June 17th for the Payback.

Venue: Jacob Jones VFW Post
Ring Announcer: Shane Daly
Referees: Red Roche, Dan Tanaka, Matt Calamare, & Chris Dinapoli
Commentary: CJ Higgins & Maniacal Mark

1. Singles Match
"The Anti-social Anarchist" Tim Kilgore (198 lbs, Salem MA) vs. Taka Sazuke (199 lbs, Tokyo Japan)
Tim Kilgore put a damper on Taka's NCW debut by pinning him following a cobra clutch into a Russian leg sweep.

2. Singles Match
"The Devil's Reject" Brandon Webb (222 lbs, Salem MA) vs. "The Knight Angel" BerZerker (190 lbs, City of Bloodhaven)
The referee threw the match out and declared it a no contest when BerZerker went crazy during the match, nearly decapitating The Devil's Reject. Just before BerZerker was about to commit this horrifying act, Amanda the camera girl threw a note in to the ring that had a name on it, supposedly the name of the person that caused Cenobite's disappearance earlier in the season.

After the match, NCW New England Champion, "The Showoff" Mike Paiva, made his way to the ring and proceeded to call out NCW Heavyweight Champion, Ruy Batello. Batello came out and wanted the match right then and there. Paiva managed to escape "the Portuguese Sensation" but the match later in the night was made into a No Disqualifications Match.

3. Singles Match
Jack Krueger (196 lbs, Schillar Park CT) vs. "Cam Denile" (227 lbs, Schillar Park CT)
Before the match started, Krueger announced that Cam was not in the building because a phone call had been made telling him that his kids were in the hospital (but this was just a ruse by the vile Krueger). Cam's music played and out came... well, it was supposed to be Cam Denile, but it was really "Chaotic" Chris James of the Enterprise, dressed as Cam. Jack Krueger proceeded to beat the tar out of his unscheduled opponent and finally finished him off with a double-arm DDT.

When the beatdown continued, 2010 Rookie of the Year, Eddie Loomis made his way to the ring to save Chris from further harm. Eddie then challenged Jack to a match which Jack accepted.

4. Singles Match
Jack Krueger (196 lbs, Schillar Park CT) vs. Eddie Loomis (150 lbs, Plainfield CT)
Eddie's amateur wrestling skills were enough to help him score the victory over the maniacal Jack Krueger.

After a brief intermisson, the 2010 Season Cup was defended for the first time.

5. 2010 Season Cup Defense
Michael Tootsie Esquire (MTE) (175 lbs, Seekonk MA) vs. (c) Steve "the Turtle" Weiner (230 lbs, The Dockside of Providence RI)
Just as the Turtle was looking to put away MTE with his Kingdom Hearts Spinebuster, Big Adam interfered, leveling the shell-wearing hero and drew the disqualification for MTE.

Big Adam and MTE continued to attack Weiner until NCW Commissioner, Dean "the Beast" Livsley, came to his aid. Livsley declared that the match would now be a triple threat match for the Season Cup.

6. Triple Threat Match for the 2010 Season Cup
Michael Tootsie Esquire (MTE) (175 lbs, Seekonk MA) vs. (c) Steve "the Turtle" Weiner (230 lbs, The Dockside of Providence RI) vs. Big Adam (340 lbs, Boston MA)
Following a disagreement over who would pin the Cup holder, Weiner got the upperhand on his two opponents, eventually pinning MTE to retain the Season Cup.

After the Season Cup was defended, BerZerker made his way out to the ring and demanded that Amanda the camera girl tell him why she gave him the paper with the name on it. Richard Pacifico and an accomplice came out of the crowd and attack the Knight Angel. Pacifico revealed himself to be the man who attacked Cenobite. As the two were beating on the masked man, Cenobite emerged from the back to aid his Heaven's Fury partner. The two cleared the ring of Pacifico and his partner in crime and then celebrated Cenobite's return with the camera girl.

7. Singles Match
"Simply the Best" GA West (88 kg, Manhattan NY) w/ the Firm vs. "The Juice" JT Dunn (180 lbs, Detroit MI w/ Amber
The Juice scored a huge win when he pinned GA West after a hurricanrana

8. 5th Match in a Best of 7 Series
Buddy Romano (185 lbs, Warwick RI) - 2 Wins vs. "Dynamite" Doug Summers (201 lbs, Panic PA) - 2 Wins
Coming in to this match, both men were tied at two victories a piece in their best of 7 series. Buddy Romano did a number on his opponent's leg before finally making Doug tap out to a modified single leg crab. Buddy Romano now leads the Best of 7 Series with 3 victories, and is just one win away from holding on to his $2000.00 tax refund check.

Before the next match, one half of the NCW Tag Team Champions, "Impact" William Thorne, made his way to the ring and announced that he and his partner would not be defending the Tag Team titles as originally planned. Due to a family emergency, "RIOT" Kellan Thomas was unable to make it to Dedham for their first scheduled title defense. The Granite State Wrecking Crew emerged from the back and demanded their match. When Thorne explained why the match couldn't happen, the two men decided that they were going to attack the Tag Team Champion. Just as things were about to get underway, Thorne was given some assistance by an unlikely ally, one half of Project: Lethal.

9. Tag Team Match
The Granite State Wrecking Crew ["The Granite State Destroyer" Gunar Rowe & "The Unequaled One" Todd Sople] vs. NCW Tag Team Champion "Impact" William Thorne & Kevin Cordeiro
Gunar Rowe pinned Kevin Cordeiro to score the win for the Granite State Wrecking Crew.

10. Non-title Champion vs. Champion No Disqualifications Match
NCW New England Champion "The Showoff" Mike Paiva (165 lbs, "The City of Champions" Brockton MA) vs. NCW Heavyweight Champion "The Portuguese Sensation" Ruy Batello (320 lbs, Lisbon Portugal)
Ruy Batello beat his perrenial nemesis to claim bragging rights as NCW's greatest champion.

NCW returns to Massachusetts on July 22nd in Foxboro at the Knights of Columbus.

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