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Live coverage of WWE All Star Night on

Hello and welcome to live coverage of WWE All Star Night in just a few moments. Remember, Stone Cold Steve Austin will be the guest host this evening.

The usual fireworks show to begin the show with a wide shot of the audience. The main event for tonight is John Cena vs. C.M. Punk.

The Miz makes his way to the ring while they show the finish to last week’s main event on the titan tron. Miz says he is the ultimate WWE All Star since its All Star night and Raw is the flag ship show. Says he will expose Alex Riley more than a tweet from Anthony Weiner at Capitol Punishment. Miz says he is sick of seeing stars from the attitude era every where he looks and says they are jealous of him. The glass breaks and Steve Austin comes makes his way to the ring.  Austin says he is sick of hearing the Miz run his mouth. Miz tries to cut him off and Austin replies "You are not going to tell me nothing".  He says he is here to run the show and he will stun Miz in front of everyone. The crowd starts a loud Austin chant. Austin says he Alex Riley showed him something and might be a bigger superstar than the Miz someday.

Miz tries to cut in but Austin tells him to shut up. Austin grabs Miz by the tie and says he and Riley needs a counseling session and they will both be guests on Piper's Pit. Austin lets go of Miz and tells him to leave the ring. Miz slowly leaves the ring acting as if he might attack Austin. Austin tells him to think twice and Miz leave with Austin telling him it's the best decision he has ever made.

Austin starts to pump up the crowd and Alberto Del Rio interrupts.  Del Rio says he heard the rumor that Austin wants to see him. Says he can't blame him because he wants to see greatness. Talks about his destiny and Austin cuts him off by saying he sees an ass whipping in his destiny. Mentions Del Rio hitting the Big Show with his car and tells him he will be in the first match of the night which is right now. The flames burst and KANE makes his way to the ring.

We come back from the break and Kane throws Del Rio in the corner and works him over. Del Rio takes control and works on Kane's arm. Covers him but, not even a one count. Del Rio has Kane in a top wrist lock but Kane powers Del Rio over the top to. Del Rio runs in the ring and is met with a big boot. Kane hits a sidewalk slam for a two. Kane goes to pick him up and Del Rio hits him in the mouth and hits the cross arm breaker. Kane gets to the rope but Del Rio won't break the hold. Ref counts to five and match is over. Del Rio still won let go and the Big Show's music hit and Show sprints to the ring. Ricardo Rodriguez Gets in the way as Del Rio leave the ring side area. Show knocks him out with his wrapped up hand and keeps pounding him until Kane applies a rear naked choke to Show telling him to stop or he will kill him. Show listens. Austin comes out and says Del Rio needs to make it to Washington D.C. because he is going to wrestle the Big Show at the PPV this Sunday and that's the bottle line because stone cold said so.
Winner Kane via DQ.
They announce Randy Orton returns to Raw tonight!
They are showing all the still graphics of the wrestlers via the WWE All Star video game.
We get back form the break and Ricardo Rodriguez was taken out on a stretcher.

Cody Rhodes is on the outside of the ring as fans behind him put bags on their heads. Sin Cara makes his way to the ring.  Six man Tag Match Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan and Ezekiel Jackson vs. Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and Wade Barrett. Ted works over Daniel Bryan early as they keep him in their corner. Barrett is tagged and hits a pump handle slam for a two count. Barrett hits a cheap shot on Sin Cara. Picks up Bryan but, rolls out to tag in Jackson. Jackson hits power moves and clotheslines on Barrett and his team. Picks up Barrett for the Torture Rack but Rhodes breaks it up, but, is thrown outside for his troubles. Jackson warrior presses Daniel Bryan and throws him outside on top of Rhodes and DeBiase. Jackson circles Barrett and Sin Cara is begging for the tag. Jackson tags Sin Cara and lands a spring board cross body on Barrett for the pin. They had Sin Cara's special lighting for the match.
Winner Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan and Ezekiel Jackson.
They show a graphic of Piper, Miz and Riley for Piper's Pit for later in the show.

We come back and Hornswoggle is shooting Free T-Shirts out to the audience. R-Truth comes out and says Hornswoggle is shooting t-shirts to all the little jimmy’s and little jenny’s. Says he wants to try and tells Hornswoggle he has nothing to be afraid of because he is a good R-Truth. Says he will beat John Cena for the WWE title this Sunday and no one will stop him from getting what he wants. Not John Cena....and not you, pointing at Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle shoots Truth with no effect. Hornswoggle tries to run out of the ring but Truth stops him. Makes him think he will not hurt him and proceeds to give him a big boot to the face. Austin appears on the titan tron and says R-Truth needs to pick on someone his own size. Says before he gets to John Cena this Sunday he needs to get through John Morrison as Morrison appears next to Austin on the tron. Truth looks extremely pissed off and says "Looks like your gonna get some of this" and stomps Hornswoggle a few more times. R-Truth leaves the ring and Jerry Lawler calls to the back for help for Hornswoggle.

Sheamus vs. Santino Marella. Sheamus attacks Santino from the opening bell. Hits few punches and forarms to the back. Sheamus hits a body slam and covers only for a two count. Whips Santino to the ropes but Santino reverse it and goes for the hip toss, but, Sheamus counters with a clothesline. Picks up Santino for the Celtic cross, but, Santino escapes. Sheamus runs at Santino and is met with the drop down hip toss. Santino sets up for the Cobra but, is hit with the brogue kick that drops Santino. Sheamus applies a single leg Boston Crab to Santino's left leg and Santino taps out right away.
Winner via submission Sheamus.

They replay clips from Smackdown which shows Christian hitting Randy Orton with the belt and holding it up. They also show Christian getting involved in Orton's match with Sheamus on Smackdown last Friday.

Randy Orton walks to the ring. Takes the mic which doesn't work. Gets a new mic and says "Live TV is awesome".  Says he has not been gone that long, but, it feels good to be back on Monday Night Raw. Says he should be happy since he is world champion but says he is not because Christian is in the building. Calls Christian out. Says he promises he will not hurt Christian and just wants to talk. We wait and no Christian. Randy says "OK, you caught me. I will hurt you the first chance I get and needs to be a man and come down to the ring". Christian appears on the tron and says Orton was born into the WWE. Says Orton's WWE career was given to him on a silver platter and knows nothing about hard work. Says how it took him 17 years of hard work to win the World Title. Christian asks the fans if they want him to come out and face Orton. The fans cheer yes, but, Christian says he will not come out because he could care less what the fans think. Orton says Edge carried Christian for 17 years, what's one more day? This prompts Christian to make his way to the ring. Christian stops half way down the ramp and changes his mind. Orton leaves the ring and runs up the ramp to be met by arena security. The Raw G.M. rings in and Michael Cole says Orton will not fight Christian because he has a concussion as a result of what happened on Smackdown. Orton ignores the G.M. and tries to fight through security. The G.M. dings in again and says if Orton touches Christian he will be stripped of the World Heavyweight Championship. Austin shows on up the tron and says Christian escaped an ass beating and he will face "the master of the 6-1-9 Rey Mysterio next.

We come back from the break and Christian is waiting in the ring while Booker T makes his way to the broadcast team. Mysterio comes to the ring. Mysterio tries to lock up but, Christian kicks Mysterio and lands a forearm to the back.  **Missed some of the match due to a knock on my door from a neighbor** Christian back body drops Rey over the top rope and is selling that he might not be able to get back in the ring and we go to commercial as Christian smiles in the ring.

We come back and Christian has Rey in a rear chin lock. Rey fights out of it but, Christian reverses Rey into the corner and places Mysterio's neck on the second rope while placing his knees on Mysterio's back. Christian doesn't break by five and Christian is disqualified. Yells at the ref for the moment and then body slams Rey. Climbs to the top rope for a frog splash. Rey jumps up and climbs the ropes to back body drop Christian off the top rope. C.M. Punk runs to the ring as Rey is about to hit the frog splash on Christian. He changes his mind and hits Punk with a cross body block to the floor. Rey runs back in the ring and hits Christian with a hurricanrana which sets up a 6-1-9. Rey sees Otunga and McGillicutty and knocks them off the apron. Sets up Christian again for the 6-1-9 and gets caught like a baby by Mason Ryan which saves Christian from being hit by the 6-1-9. Mason Ryan rams Mysterio's back into the ring post and hits him with a backbreaker. He throws Rey back in the ring and Christian hits Rey with the Killswitch.

Dolph Ziggler and Vicki interrupt Steve Austin on his cell phone. Ziggler asks for a U.S. Title match against Kofi Kingston. Austin says he will if he leaves Vicki since the greats needs to it done on their own. Ziggler says yes and Austin says "I'm just kidding. I already made the match" and walks off leaving an upset Vicki and Ziggler. R-Truth vs. John Morrison is next.

R-Truth makes his way to the ring. John Morrison's music is played but no one comes out. They stop the music for a few and play it again. Once again, no John Morrison. Cole says Morrison is grandstanding to upset Truth.  Truth grabs the mic and starts talking trash about Morrison not coming out. Says if you going act bad, you better back it up and leaves the ring to get Morrison. The camera follows R-Truth to the backstage area and we see John Morrison on the ground holding his neck, surrounded by the trainers. Truth scares the trainers away and acts sarcastically shocked that Morrison is hurt. Puts the boots to him for a few and proceeds to ram a large production crate on wheels into Morrison while he is on the ground. Morrison sells the neck as if something is seriously wrong. The trainers yell at Truth to leave. Truth says "I guess we don't get to see the match tonight" and "Take that little Jimmy" and leaves.

WWE Did you know fact for the week: WWE has more Twitter followers than Microsoft, Disney, Nickelodeon, NASCAR and a million other companies.

Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston.
Swagger works over Kofi early. Hits Kofi with the side effect for only a two count. Misses the Vader Bomb and Kofi makes the tag to Bourne. Bourne ducks a punch from Swagger and lands a running hurricanrana for a two count. Swagger gets the ankle lock for a few seconds but Bourne uses his balance to kick swagger in the head. Swagger sells to babyface corner. Ziggler drags Bourne back to his corner. While the ref is distracted by Ziggler, Kofi hits Swagger with the Trouble in Paradise from the apron. Swagger lands in position to be hit with Air Bourne for the 1,2,3. Kingston and Bourne celebrate the win while Booker T puts over Air Bourne as one of the most amazing moves he has ever seen live.
Winner Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne.
They congratulate The Rock for winning the biggest badass award at the Spike's Guy's Choice Awards. They mention he beat out Mark Wahlberg for the award.

Rowdy Roddy Piper makes his way to the ring for Piper's Pit. Mentions that at Wrestlemania 2 he dropped Mr. T in this very arena. Miz cuts him off and says Piper is living in the past and says he is sick of being told he is a modern day Roddy Piper. Piper says you could never be me. Miz says he know this because unlike him, he won the WWE title and unlike him, he won the main event at Wrestlemania. Says the Real World is more entertaining then anything in Piper's movie "They Live". Piper says he never saw the Real World because unlike Miz, he was living in the Real World. Piper brings out Riley and asks when did he realize that the Miz was using him?  Asked if he gained self respect after Miz lost the title to Cena and Miz replies "This is coming form the guy who used Cowboy Bob Orton?" Piper asked if he feels Miz can beat Riley on Sunday. Miz says yes. Riley says he can beat the Miz and thinks Piper can beat Miz right now. Piper shakes his head no. Miz says "Really" and says he bets $1,000.00 he can beat Piper. Piper thinks about it as if he is not going to take the match and comes back with "Let's make it $5,000.00. Miz takes the match and Austin appears on the tron and makes Alex Riley the special ref which makes the Miz very upset.

We come back from commercial.  Piper jumps Miz from behind with punches and pokes him in the eye. Piper applies the sleeper but Miz rams Piper into the corner. Riley pulls Miz off Piper before he can do anything. Miz works over Piper with punches and Riley pulls him off again. Miz punches Riley and Riley returns with lefts and rights. During this exchange, Piper rolls up Miz with a school boy and Riley fast counts the pin which gives Piper the win. Riley picks up Miz and throws him over the top rope. Piper's music plays as Riley raises his hand in victory.
Winner via pinfall Rowdy Roddy Piper.

They show clips of the Bella Twins and Kelly Kelly on The Price is Right. They show the three of them being friendly with each other. Michael Cole covers it by saying they put aside their differences for one day to do the show.

7 Divas Tag Team Match
Bella Twins, Melina, Maryse Alica Fox, Rosa Mendez , Tamina, vs. Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, A.J., Natalia, Eve Torres, Gail Kim and Katilyn
Brie Bella and Kelly Kelly start the match. Bella quickly tags Rosa Mendez. The two brawl for a few. Kelly whips Mendez into the ropes and hits a Thez press. All the divas come into the ring to brawl with each other. The smokes clears and Kelly Kelly hits Rosa with a rocker dropper for the win.
Winner via pinfall Kelly Kelly, Beth Pheonix, A.J., Natalia, Eve Torres, Gail Kim and Kaitlyn

Eve grabs the mic and talks about the divas being at the Tony Awards and they all hook up arm and arm and do the Rockettes kick to start spreading the news.
Andy is in the back drinking beer with Steve Austin. Austin says he is proud of him for winning Tough Enough but now is the time is needs to get really tough. Andy says he is up to the task and C.M. Punks walks in the room. Thanks Austin for making the match with Cena even though Austin is drunk. Austin offers Punk a beer which gets a laugh from the audience. Punk says he is going to change the landscape of the WWE tonight. Austin says Nexus is banned from ringside. Punk says he can beat Cena on his own. Austin says he is going to the ring to make an announcement.

Austin comes out with his ATV. Before he can make his announcement the Raw G.M. dings in. Says while Austin is the G.M. tonight, all good things must come to an end. The G.M. says he will be back next to run the show. Austin says since he has some time left, he announced next week that the matches and the stipulations will be decided by the fans. The G.M. keeps dinging in over and over again. Austin accuses Cole of pressing the button. Says he will whip Cole's ass if he presses the button one more time. The ding sounds and Cole swears its not him. Austin chases but Cole escapes. Austin knocks over the G.M. Lap Top podium. He takes the lap top and pours beer on it. He tries to run it over with the ATV. He misses but backs up over it and the lap top is in pieces.

Another Obama/Capitol Punishment dream promo with Jerry Lawler with Smackdown stars Cody Rhodes, Sheamus, The Great Khali and Hornswoggle.
WWE Did you know FACT: Over Ten million people watch Tough Enough on USA.

C.M Punk vs. John Cena
Punks enters the ring first followed by Cena. The boo birds are out in force against Cena. They lock up and Cena hits a waist lock. CM. Punk reverses into a waist lock of his own. Cena breaks free and they exchanges punches. Dueling chants with a majority of support for Cena.

We come back form commercial and Punk and Cena are exchanging punches. Cena throws Punk into the ropes but Punk reverses Cena and applies an abdominal stretch. Cena powers out of it with a hip toss. Punk cuts off Cena and throws him outside the ring, Hits two clotheslines from the apron and tosses Cena back in the ring and applies the body scissors. Cena powers out and applies the STF. C.M. Punk is too close to the ropes and Cena has to break the hold. Punk is winning most of this match right now. Punk whips Cena into the turnbuckle sternum first. C.M. Punk tries for a springboard clothesline, but, Cena moves out of the way. Cena comes back out of no where and hits the five moves of doom. He lifts up Punk for the AA and R-Truth is in the audience with the mic. He is with little kid wearing a John Cena hat. Tells the kid he will trade him a sip of water for the hat. Takes the hat off the kid and looks as if he is going to spit water in the kids face. Cena yells at R-Truth to not do anything to the kid. This distracts Cena long enough for C.M. Punk to lift Cena and nail the GTS for the three count.

Winner via pinfall C.M. Punk.

Punk leaves and R-Truth grabs the mic and the WWE title belt. Truth stands over Cena's body holding up the title. Tells Cena "This Sunday, The truth shall set you free." R-Truth leaves the ring and walks up the ramp with the WWE title. He looks at the title with a very crazed looked and looks at Cena with the same look to end the show.

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