Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Night Raw Review (06.13.2011)

It's Monday Night, and My DVR is fired up, let's take a jaded view at a new episode of Monday Night Raw.

The Reason
I was asked recently why, on PZW TV (, i love doing the long speeches and the long in ring promos, Stone Cold Steve Austin came out and gave me my best argument. Last week i said Stone Cold's decision making sucks, or at least the writers would have you believe, based on taking his balls away in his special guest referee roles. But Austin came out and Did 20 minutes setting up the show and just being Austin. they played a little with the Idea of Miz vs Austin, but dont get your hopes up. they gave del rio some time in the ring with Austin which is decent...then they ruin any momentum he could have had by putting him in the ring with Kane. Dont get me wrong, Kane is ok, im just not a fan. but at the conclusion they managed to make Big show look compelling by having him smash rodriguez to bits, until Kane had to choke Big Show to get him off. the big show is a Monster, book him like one.

Midcard Thoughts
- Putting Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan together as a team is a good idea, as long as they plan on having Cara work with Bryan to learn the American style. (Atlee Greene)
- Ted Dibiase Jr. is Still boring and it will not change, it's too late, he has entered "Permanent Jobber Status"
- I read that the Spring Cleaning has begun by firing a few developmental guys...the least of which that surprises me is Michael tarver, of all the original NXT guys, that guy had nothing to offer.

John cena is always booked like superman, always wins, always survives, lives to fight another day, unstoppable...right? R-Truth just no sold the Mother Fucking T Shirt Cannon....AT POINT BLANK RANGE. R-Truth is officially ready for Cena. It would be no surprise to me if this conversation actually came up in a production meeting. "How do we make him look like he can beat cena?" ... "Have him take a shot in the stones with the Tshirt cannon and have him beat up a midget"...Yeah that's the ticket. And then they announce John Morrison is going to fight R-Truth...WAAAAAAAAY the fuck ahead of his healing schedule. Unless that match is "Headlock, Bodyslam, Pin" than im gonna be very disapointed with the WWE for potentially hurting a future main eventer by breaking him too many times for shows that don't mean a fucking thing....but in retrospect, no WWE show means anything anymore..

More Midcard Thoughts
- Almost believed for a second Santino had a prayer, till reality set in. Also, Looks like Malenko taught Lobster head a new move.
- The VIPER RETURNS TO RAW...He's been gone for a cup of coffee...And Smackdown and Raw are both WWE 12'....see what i did there?
- haha Hugh Jackman needs a new mic, well at least he knows he hasnt been gone long from raw
- FINALLY someone who said the same thing i have been thinking forever...Edge>Christian
- Is it Just me or is Randy Orton the guy who says things that can be considered a little close to the vein? Eddie, Edge (not so much but still), just makes me wonder if Randy were around in 99, would he be making Owen Hart can't fly jokes?
- Dolph Ziggler is one of my picks for future main eventer, and losing Vicky is a good idea. Vicky is a good heat magnet, but he needs to prove he can do it on his own. this segment was a "one Line of dialogue will fix this" feel to it.
- In an update to my earlier post....Little jimmy got johnny....Glad they didnt fuck around with Morrison.
- Evan Bourne...See Ted Dibiase
- Piper's Pit...Not one of the best...but not bad either. Riley is a future star, he is over, let's see how long he can ride this wave.
- Did i just see a 48 Divas tag match come and go without a tag?

Now ever since this All Star game came out, there has been a war of words, granted all bullshit, but there have been words between captain straight edge and the drunk wifebeater Steve Austin. Punk even speculated that with both of them on the show WWE could "fuck up" by not putting the two together. Then they were face to face, and immediately Punk shoots on the fact that , Sure Andy won tough enough, but half the people in tough enough were signed to Developmental anyway. nice touch. the back and forth was spot on, if Austin wanted another match, he could make the marks happy with a match with punk...If Austin ever gets into the ring again it will be with Cena, but its nice to think about it.

Final Thoughts
That Mother Fucker Missed the Laptop bahahahahahahahaha

Oh, by the way...Did anyone catch this week's vlog show on Wrestlezone? Yeah...Me Neither

Todd Graham

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