Monday, June 13, 2011

Bulletin Board of Random Thought By Atlee Greene

Professional Wrestling

- Kevin Nash is not a legend. Yes he has a WWE legends contract. I know was a key member of the NWO that drew millions of dollars. I don't care. I remember when Kevin Nash (Diesel) won the WWF title in late 1994. My first thought was "Diesel??? WWF champion? Really??" I never bought Nash as champion. When I think Legend, names like Bruno, Graham, Hogan, Flair, Savage, Andre, come to mind. Does Nash really belong?

-Why did I watch Tough Enough? Someone please tell me because I haven't got a clue. Andy has the "It" factor that no one can see except for Booker T, Trish Stratus and Bill DeMott. Maybe his "It" factor was too small for my HD TV to pick up. Or maybe, Vince slapped the "It" out of him.< br />

-R-Truth & Shinsuke Nakamura are my favorite wrestlers to watch right now. Truth's delivery with the material he is amazing. He sounds different from anyone else on the roster which is refreshing. Nakamura wrestles for New Japan Pro Wrestling. He is a three time IWGP Heavyweight champion. His in ring style is different and incorporates a lot of strikes. Just search his name on Google and you tube if you want learn more about him.

-TNA/Impact Wrestling sucks!

Mixed Martial Arts

- Happy to see GSP vs. Nick Diaz signed for UFC 137 in October. This will be the biggest fight of the year. GSP will clear out the division with a win. Diaz is a better striker however someone with great take downs are his Kryptonite. Diaz will not be afraid of the take downs like previous GSP opponents.

- Chuck O'Neill's nick name "Cold Steel" is has to be the worst nick name in sports.

-Did anyone think Dana White's statement "business as usual" would stay for long?

- Former UFC and NWA champion Dan Severn was unsuccessful is gaining his 100th win last weekend. He is a lot older now and hopefully he will gain his 100th win unscathed.

- Tito Ortiz is going to get smashed by Ryan Bader at UFC 132 on 7/3. Tito is more interested in the celebrity that comes with being a fighter than winning championships. He would rather look good first and win second. I think Nader will knock him out of the UFC.

- Shane Carwin lost Junior Dos Santos via unamious decision on Saturday night. Carwin came back after an 11 month lay off and back surgery due to spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is the same injury that ended the career of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Edge. We will have to wait and see how this will effect Carwin at 36 years old. The fact that he is fighting instead of working a wrestling match brings a different dynamic to the situation.


- Just read Flash Point #1, War of the Green Lanterns #1 and Fear Itself #1-3. Very good stories so far. Part of me wonders why I'm reading the Lantern series when the DC reboot takes place on 8/31/11. The geek in me has to know how it ends.

- Please check out Green Lantern: Emerald Knights on DVD or On-Demand if you are looking to become more familiar with the Green Lantern mythology before seeing the movie next week.

- Can't stand it when Superman comic books leave out the Yellow "S" on his cape. It's always been a pet peeve of mine

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