Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Night Raw Review (06.20.2011)

It's monday night and it's time to fire up the DVR for yet ANOTHER jaded view at the world of Monday night Raw. or better yet, if you don't like my reviews, than i advise you to watch me make Snow Angels....

Now it's clear i am a CM Punk fan and in turn an ROH fan, i will back any ROH regular that gets signed...But i digress. CM punk comes out and does what nobody else is doing...writing his own script. Anyone that can go out there and do whatever they want as long as they get the right point across is doing the right thing in this business. It's just too bad Vince is gonna let him leave. If the "Sheets" are correct, Punk will bail when his contract ends...and if he doesnt get what he wants in negotiations than he will be completely justified. He is the best WWE wrestler without a push going today. And everyone has their favorites and will say stuff like that but lets be fair, the main has been Top champion multiple times, and honestly is a little too young to be relegated as the guy "Who makes guys" and thats it. Randy Orton got the role of making people in recent years but he is still on top. Punk is being diminished...The nexus fizzled out like a bad fart no matter what anyone says and its becoming a bad thing to be associated with. Our Modern day Jim Jones doesnt need the Nexus, unless it REALLY adds something, and it only adds a little in this marks opinion. My Hopeful prediction is simply, CM Punk gets the title off Cena, and the two fight over it to Summerslam...with Cena getting the belt back before Mania against the rock. Here's hoping

Midcard Notes:
- If you ever wanted to know how worthless the Divas title, this match proves it. Not the quality of the match, i mean the fact that a writer somewhere actually said "Whoever wins the vote is winning the title". Granted, the popular vote becomes the champion, but if you told moolah she was gonna drop the belt to a random person with no build, she'd put her cigar out on your ball bag. I thought Lawler wasn't allowed around children anymore.

- Kelly Kelly said it was her first Divas championship, One of the commentators said she had won it before. One of them is lying lol

- Ok, They say Sin Cara isn't over, but personally i think the result of this vote was that...Evan Bourne isn't over. The "people" chose Evan getting decimated by a big fucker from Whales over seeing a spot fest with Sin Cara.

- ha someone bitched at cole for saying Kelly had won the title before...Kelly 1, Cole Nothing

- Yikes, I know i dont like saying things about the in ring work but fucking shit is Mason Ryan Terrible.

- Kane vs Mark Henry in...Any Match Sucks

- I got Okie Doked by Little Jimmy

- 2 Out of 3 falls for the US Title, I love the idea, Dolph Ziggler is one of my All Stars...really decent match

- Im gonna say this right now, Im not the hugest fan of Zack Ryder, but if the WWE doesn't use this twitter/Text request show to have him as a choice...then they are really fucking with him.

Punk is RAW part 2
CM Punk just announced that his contract expires the day after the Money in the Bank PPV, and that he IS leaving. Now whether or not this is bullshit or not, CM Punk sold this PPV in ONE FUCKING LINE OF DIALOGUE. Any buys that PPV does over the normal ammount is thanks to CM Punk. Remember that. The internet has been a buzz about his contract expiring soon, and the WWE does what no other promotion can. Where some promotions cater to the 10 Percent, WWE turns the 10 Percent into 100 percent. 10 percent of the wrestling community knew about Punks Impending departure, and rather than setting this match up without mentioning he was leaving and letting the 10 percent simmer about whats gonna happen next, CM Punk announced he was leaving and made each and every WWE fan aware of what could possibly be a work and converted the audience. Take that Impact Wrestling

- always like seeing Daniel Bryan on Raw, and im a fan of Cody rhodes so i can only hope for the best...

- What the fuck is a No Countouts match...I mean i know what it is, but how did that match make people choose it?

- Ted Dibiase finally gets the role of a lifetime...Cody Rhodes' Girlfriend

- Dance Off...Piss Break

The Ryder Revolution??
Ok so apparently people are buying the t-shirts, and wanting to buy the headbands, and everyone seems to be riding the wave of "Zack Ryder's Revolution" created by his Internet Buzz. They snubbed him in Long Island...his work hometown and now, on a show that relys heavily on internet participation he is left completely off raw. Granted he will probably be on superstars..but 6 people watch superstars and that means Zero. Do i care about him...No, but do i think WWE could capitalize on it...Sure. They are either completley missing it, or they are letting it simmer like the Matt Hardy rehiring years ago. Who Knows, but if they let it burn too long it could burn out before they can make the most money. Either way, im not reviewing the 6 Man main event.

I'd also like to take a moment to mention Impact wrestling. Im not a huge fan of the show but i record it every week and fast forward through it. One thing i couldnt fast forward through however was Austin Aries having a 3 way match all by himself. He was in the ring with Kid kash and Jimmy Rave, but he would have done just as well against a Toaster and a Microwave. If thats what wrestling means to TNA than it could change TNA. If they miss the boat on a guy like Austin Aries and what he is capable of ... Fuck them. Eric Young gets minor points for beating up Wayne and challenging Chachi. Could be a fun watch is hoping.

and thats it for another week, I'm Todd Graham and this has been One Mark's Review

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