Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Night Raw Review (06.06.2011)

Todd Graham, Back again for another Look at Monday Night Raw...The only show that means anything in the WWE universe no matter what anyone says. So let's get right into it.

When Little Jimmy Comes Marching Home Again...
I will say this, i'm not a huge R-truth fan, but you have to admire the guts he must have to come out and cut a flawless promo in front of the boss. Now granted wrestling is all scripted nonsense anyway, but it's hard enough performing in front of thousands of people, nevermind the guy who signs your checks, and also has complete control of your push and future employment. And not only that, but you have to give him credit, for someone with a very silly personality, like R-Truth has, he is as serious as a heart attack and doesn't break character when the camera is on him. So for this, he has my attention. Same segment they brought out the usual "Cavalcade of Tonight's Main event Stars". Some people will say that they didn't give Alex Riley a chance to speak, and it was a brief exchange, but Riley is very over with the last few weeks, and it's all he had to say. Reminder to all you armchair bookers out there...No matter what you think...Less is more. besides, let's see what this kid can do in the ring before we kill any push he was gonna get by letting him talk right now.
Miz does his usual thing, he is a good talker, and a mediocre wrestler...Just like John Cena, so he fits the mold. Once again, these reviews will not be me judging ability, im only commenting on the stuff that is out of the control of the performers themselves. Overall nice set up for the main event, which is what it was suppose to be in the first place.

Midcard Thoughts
- CM Punk is the best wrestler with nothing to do in WWE today, but where the hell else would he go if he left after his contract expires.
- Big Show is Boring, Kane is Boring, they could both use a retirement right now. When Andre was wrestling, Andre wrestling was a special thing, and if Andre EVER lost, it meant something. Beating big show is easy apparently.
- Alberto del Rio, Great Heel
- When your United States champion needs a Video Package randomly on the show, you have failed with the talent you have, his push and interest ended a long time ago...See Shelton Benjamin
- Zack Ryder was on Raw tonight, in an actual match, who gives a shit? I enjoy his youtube show, very funny, but really, who gives a shit?
- Jack Swagger, See above...minus the funny Youtube Show

Stone Cold Steve Austin...Is a Bitch
This is the second time a Dusty finish was booked while Steve Austin was the referee. The WWE booked Steve Austin as a special guest Referee in attempt to get a little more interest for their main event. However two Times out of two in the "Anonymous General Manager" Era, Steve Austin's referee decision has been reversed. It might just be me, but now all i can see whenever Steve Austin is put in this role, whatever the outcome of the match is...Isn't. Now granted, doing things this way, keeps all the talents involved from being tarnished by losing...Or so they think. Let's face it, the fact that these people are seen 8 Days a week on wrestling tv is tarnishing everyone regardless...Less is More.

Lucha Libre is a sloppy mess
I heard that Justin Labar had issue with Atlee Greene's "Averno to WWE post", where Atlee said it was a bad idea to bring in another lucha libre star to help sin cara get over instead of forcing sin cara learn the wwe style. Now i don't mind a difference of opinion, but as i was told, Justin's counterpoint to the argument was essentially, "No Vince Mcmahon will realize that he should capitalize on the Lucha Libre Style". And after hearing that i have the following to say on the subject...

Justin Labar is a Fucking Retard

Lucha Libre is a super popular thing...In Mexico...and Nowhere else. Sure there are Niche groups that will say otherwise, and that's fine, because this is just one mark's opinion, but last i checked "Lucha Libre" isnt a license to print money in the united states, It makes thousands of peso's in mexico, but the american exchange from dollars to pesos is 12 to 1, and that is saying something. It is a flying mess of colors and botched spots, nobody in mexico cares because there isnt a shit load to do there, In america, we have better things to do. Like me, i fast forward through Raw.

And if for whatever reason Justin sees this and wants to tag on me back on one of his shitty wrestling vlogs, he can go nuts, cause i will never waste another second watching it, so i'll never know.

And that is my monday night raw

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